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July 2, 2015

LondonI’ve been in London over two years now. How crazy is that?! Feels like I only left New Zealand yesterday but the capital has soon become my home. And over those two years, I have managed to do a plethora of activites. So I have attempted to narrow down all of my London adventures to my top 10. These ten are things I really recommend you do whether you are visiting for a weekend or counting up your years like me.

1. The Globe


I’ve written a whole post confessing my love for the Globe but seriously, I do adore it! It’s how theatre was meant to be, the fact that the plays here are still so entertaining as they were when they were written hundreds of years ago always astonishes me. It’s gorgeous to sit out in the sunshine and watch some fabulous acting. I recommend getting a seat to rest the weary legs but you can get standing tickets for an absolute bargain if you want some theatre on a budget!

2. Aldwych Tube Station + London Transport Museum

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Despite spending more than enough hours on it, I do still have a love of the tube and its ability to carry millions of people all over London everyday. We went on a tour of the Aldwych tube station which was awesome and gave us a history of the tube and let us wander round old tunnels. The London Transport Museum itself was fabulous too, it is one of the only museums you have to pay for in London but I think it’s worth it to see a huge amount of different transport throughout the ages. Plus the ticket lasts you for a whole year so you can go back for the special exhibits. If you do the tube station tour then you get discounted entry to the museum too.

3. Night at the Museums


And the museums in general! I love the natural history, science and V+A plus they are all free! Each of them has a late night each month where you can have a wine and wander round the exhibits. It is really enjoyable and nice to see the exhibits in a different setting.

4. Chocolate Tasting on The Eye


This was one of the first things I did when I moved to London and it was epic! The eye itself can be pretty pricey but it isn’t much more to have a chocolate tasting whilst on it which totally made the experience. It is run by Hotel Chocolat and you learn all about the different types of chocolate and taste them, you have a little break at the top so you still get to take all your pictures and you can wash it all down with some prosecco! Highly recommend doing this instead of just a normal Eye experience.

5. Horse Guards Parade – Trooping the Colours


I went to the Trooping the Colours last year on a bit of a whim and really enjoyed it. It’s where the traditional english guards march accompanied by horses, singing and performances. It is such a unique thing to England and to London so I recommend getting down there at least once to experience it! We bought tickets the day before and still managed to get some good seats.

6. The Drowned Man (or any kind of immersive theatre)

The drowned man was probably one of the weirdest but best things I’ve ever done. It involved a giant 4 story warehouse which has been transformed into about 50 different sets full of actors, spectators wearing masks and twists and turns at every corner. You get let into the warehouse and are encouraged to go off on separate ways and explore the world and watch the play. It probably took me about 2 hours to just get around all of the sets and it was just epic. Sadly it has finished now but I am keeping a close eye on Punchdrunk for their next show. I think immersive theatre is so so cool and I can’t wait to go to more!

7. Food!!

Photo 05-06-2015 7 34 23 pm

By far the best bit about London is all the restaurants and pop ups around town. I’ve eaten amazing degustations at Gordon Ramsays Maze and Hestons the Hinds Head and had delicious street food at urban street markets. There really is something for everyone and even in 2 years I don’t think I’ve chipped into all the amazing food in the city!

8. Hampton Court

I am obsessed with English history so of course London is ideal for this! Hampton Court is the ideal place to visit to learn all about the Tudors and revel in Henry the Eighth. I loved the Tower of London too. I think if you read a lot of historical fiction then it is awesome to be able to go to the actual locations where the story was set in!

9. Afternoon Teas


If you didn’t get that impression from my blog already, I do need to point it out that I love afternoon tea here in the city. There are so many amazing places to visit and delicious food to be eaten. I’ve written a whole series about it if you’re interested.

10. Tour of Parliament

I love staring at Big Ben so it was only natural to want to get in and have a tour! You can get a free tour through contacting your local MP but you can also pay and go for a tour on a Sunday which is what we did. It wasn’t pricey, about a tenner? But it was awesome to go through the houses of parliament and see so much history in person. The first huge hall has been standing since about 1000BC which was just epic, it was mindblowing to think about how much has taken place within those walls!

What is your must do thing in London? I know some of my friends enjoy the night life of the capital, as there are so many options for places to go. Like anywhere, there’s always the option of meeting with a london escort for the night in order to make your London experience more exciting if that appeals to you. If you’re visiting with your friends though, you’ll be overwhelmed with activity options from music experiences to live sports games. There’s something for everyone in London, no matter who you are.

JC xx

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