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July 26, 2015

I wrote recently about my awesome trip to Porto. Well on day two, we did one of my favourite ways to see a new city – through a food tour. The idea of a food tour is that you taste food traditional to that city, go through back streets and to local sellers and learn a bit about the history of the area. I booked Hannah and I on to the Taste Porto Food Tour which was 3.5 hours in length and costs around £40.

We started early on Wednesday morning, wandering through the main shopping street to our meeting point. There were a total of 10 of us on the tour, with Andre being our tour guide. Andre was fabulous! He was obviously really passionate about Porto and supporting local businesses. I always prefer finding smaller local producers in cities rather than big chains! He gave us an introduction to Porto before we headed off to our first stop.


Our first stop was a delicious one – some Pateis De Chaves. This refers to a type of pastry which is made within Portugal and is extremely light and flaky! They were stuffed with a variety of flavours, we tried a beef savoury version and a sweet chocolate version and both were really tasty. They reminded me a little of a pastie but with a lighter type of pastry.




Our next stop was probably my favourite, we wandered to the Bolhao market which is a traditional market in Porto. It is full of family businesses selling everything from meat, fish, wine and even a few restaurants. I can imagine this is what markets used to be like before big supermarkets became popular! We popped into one of the stalls for some wine, freshly baked bread and some delicious sardines. The Douro valley which is near Porto is famous for it’s wine and olive production which we were able to savour here.


I was already starting to feel a bit full by this point, but there was much more to come! After a walk through the city, we headed to a tiny traditional restaurant situated in a little side street. We savoured an amazing sandwich full of pork belly, cured ham, spices and freshly baked bread. It was so so good, full of herbs and spices.


Luckily at this point, we had a break, a quick drink and had a big walk up some of the Porto hills to our next sweet spot – eclairs! Stuffed full of freshly whipped cream and drenched with chocolate or lemon, these were absolutely amazing. I do love an eclair! I managed to have a few bites before we headed to our final destination.


We wandered to our final spot, a tapas bar near where we were staying and it was a fabulous final stop! We had a mini wine tasting of Portegeuse wines, combines with antipasti of cheeses and traditional meats including some flaming spicy sausage. It was safe to say by this point that we were absolutely stuffed! There was no need to eat anything else for the rest of the day!!


Overall, this was such a great food tour, I learnt a lot about traditional Portugeuse food, went to see some lovely sites of the city and we got some fab tips for our final day in Porto! Andre also left us with some great discounts and recommendations for where to eat for the rest of our trip. If you are ever off on a city break then I highly recommend a food tour, they do them in all major cities and are such a great way to explore an alternative side of a city!

JC xx

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