JC Updates: 10 Happy Things #15

July 15, 2015

Photo 13-07-2015 8 54 30 pm

Phew, it has been a busy couple of weeks! I had a fabulous time at the F1 last weekend which I wrote all about here, and also had a great break in Portugal of which a whole post will be up soon. For now, it’s time to focus on 10 happy things from the past couple of weeks.


1. Best buds. My best friend from NZ is staying with us at the moment and we had an awesome time in Portugal. It’s so nice to catch up on the months we’ve been apart and so good to have my best bud back for 6 whole weeks!

2. The OC. We have been binge watching the OC, which I haven’t watched for years! Such a throw back to my teen years, I remember watching it in my bedroom in Wellington after school. Ryan and Seth are just the best. Can’t wait to keep watching the next couple of seasons.

3. Going to the markets. As Hannah is here, we have been playing tourist and went to the Spitalfields market on the weekend. I haven’t been to the markets in ageeees so it was awesome to have a wander. Bonus in that there was an independent label market on too. I also ate some odd corn tortilla cake thing but it ended up tasting pretty good.

Photo 14-07-2015 2 23 42 pm

4. Cross stitching. I finally bought another cross stitch to get stuck into! It’s been ages since my last London one which I finished below. It is a cute cat in the garden and my aim is to actually get this one finished by Christmas, though we will see!


5. Delicious summer food. It has been boiling recently, so it has been nice to have some light some foods. This goats cheese and asparagus tart was a definite high point.

6. Wimbledon. I’m not usually a tennis fan but Paul and Hannah are both supporters so we have been watching quite a bit of tennis recently. I’ve finally learnt how the game actually works so it has been better now that I know what is going on. Plus it’s been nice to sit with some pimms in the pub!

7. Virgin Mohito Body Shop. I’m a Body Shop shower gel addict, just picked up the Virgin Mohito version and it smells so good. Lovely and citrusy which helps to wake up in the mornings.

8. Handy friends and lovely people. After a slight mishap, I ended up with a blown tyre on Sunday morning. Hannah was super useful and ended up half changing it in her PJs in the middle of the street. A very kind mechanic also stopped to help us finish the job. Very thankful it wasn’t just me by myself, my next goal is to learn how to change a tyre ASAP!

Photo 11-07-2015 6 28 45 pm

9. Carling cider*. The lovely people at Carling sent me some cider which I hadn’t tried before and I really enjoyed it! It is quite a light cider which is really easy to drink – it’s nice to find an apple cider which is delicious.

10. I really enjoyed Hayleys Wee book reviews this week, always in need of a good read! Lucy has also been living it up in Hong Kong food heaven, super jealous!

Whats made you happy this week?

JC xx

*Carling sent me the cider but as always, I only blog about it if I love it! 

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