JC Wears: The Little Blue Dress at the Sky Garden

July 23, 2015

So I’m still trying to get used to this whole fashion bloggy kind of thing. I do really enjoy sharing what I’ve been wearing but I think the best way of doing it, is throwing some clothes into a post about what I’ve been doing! So on Monday, I finally went shopping. I’m not a big shopper, never really finding much that I like and never wanting to spend money on clothes which aren’t essential. But I needed a dress for an upcoming wedding so we headed out to Westfield and wandered about the shops. Luckily, I did find a dress for the wedding which I’ll show you soon (what kind of shoes do you wear to a wedding?!), but I also manged to find a little number to wear for our evening out. I think next time I’ll see if I have much success shopping for clothes online with companies like Monroe Clothing, as I hear it is the best way to find unexpected stylish pieces!

Photo 13-07-2015 5 44 23 pm

As you will know, my friend Hannah is staying with us from NZ. I really think that it is essential when in London to get up high somewhere and get a gorgeous view of the city. I debated with trying the shard, but eventually settled on having dinner up the Walkie Talkie. I have been to the Sky Garden once before and really enjoyed it so decided it would be good to go back and try one of the restaurants.

The sky garden has three restaurants, the sky pod which is the bar in the main foyer, Fenchurch the upmarket fish restaurant, and Darwin – a brasserie. As Paul isn’t the biggest fish lover, I settled on Darwin and booked us in. It was easy enough to get a booking but did require a credit card guarantee which is a bit of a pain considering I don’t have a credit card! I had to use Paul’s and it really reminded me that I need to look into how I can apply for credit cards with no credit history – it will make my life much easier!

Photo 13-07-2015 5 38 54 pm

We headed into the city and got the swish lift up to the 35th floor. This time the balcony was open which was really nice to head out and get a good view over the shard. I love the inside of the sky garden, the plants make the area seem so alive and for some reason, makes me think less about how high off the ground we actually are!

Photo 13-07-2015 5 45 41 pm

I ended up picking out this blue dress from H+M for the evening. I really like it, I think it is a good dress which can be dressed up or down. I used to think that loose dresses would swamp my figure but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised this is not the case! Instead of a tight dress, I think this is a more flattering fit.

I love the detailing too, the sleeves are cut beautifully and I like the tie round the waist for a bit of shape. The dress is double layered with a lighter fabric on top. I paired it with some black tights and a black cardie.

Photo 13-07-2015 6 49 20 pm

We then headed up to Darwin Brasserie for dinner, the restaurant has a lovely view out into the sky garden and across the city. I found the decor really pleasant, it tied in well with the garden – light, airy and full of plants. We decided to skip starters in favour of desserts. I went with a chicken ceasar salad for my main which is one of my favourite salads – totally fills me up! Paul opted for the burger, whereas Hannah went for the spinach and ricotta tortellini. Can confirm all of the main meals were delicious!

Photo 13-07-2015 6 19 35 pm

Photo 13-07-2015 6 19 50 pm

For dessert, I went for a creme brulee – my favourite! Covered in a strawberry and mint juice and crispy caramel. Was just what I needed. The brasserie was really enjoyable – it is a bit pricey but I think for the quality of the food, the great service and the location, you get what you pay for! The mains were around ?15 each, which when compared to how much it costs just to go up the Shard, is pretty good value.

Photo 13-07-2015 7 35 57 pm

Photo 13-07-2015 8 54 30 pm

After dinner, we went for a walk across to Tower Bridge as we were so close. The weather decided to turn and we got quite damp but it was nice to be by the river and get a good view of the city! Overall, it was a really enjoyable evening and I do highly recommend the Sky Garden if you haven’t been before!

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JC xx

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