JC Writes: The Little Things #1

July 5, 2015

JC Blogs (3)The little things.

Getting in the car for the first time in weeks. Driving through windy countryside roads, fields of wild flowers to the left and right. Taylor Swift back catalogue blasting through the speakers. Singing your heart out with odd onlooking stares from cars surrounding you. Coming over a verge and feeling your stomach drop. Watching the sun drop behind the hills. Finally getting the wind screen visor in the right place to shade your eyes.


Seeing old friends. Catching up on the years and knowing your friendship has stayed the same. There are a couple of friends I have lost touch with over the years, that I wish I could see too but I’m not sure how to find them. Someone did tell me that there is now such a thing as a people search, which I need to make sure I try just in case it brings us back together. I also spent time reminiscing on old places and valleys. Fully understanding the same quirks. Sitting in the garden watching the bees. The smell of sunscreen.

Cooking cheese on toast. Eating cheese on toast. Eating all the cheese.


Long walks in the countryside. Seas of green. Seeing friendly horses wearing funny horse coats. Walking on crunchy ground. Hiking to the top of a hill. The view behind you when you get the top. Taking ridiculous selfies with a gorgeous background. Wearing sunglasses. Looking at farm animals grazing in the valleys. The perfect temperature to not burn but not have to wear any layers.

Eating delicious cake as a reward for the walk. Watching horses trot down the tiny side streets in a tiny village in the middle of the country. Lounging on a comfy couch. Sheltering from the heat in a cool lounge. Drinking large cups of cold water.


Getting in the car to the big city. Getting clear roads for the first time. Listening to podcasts. Chuckling along with Answer Me This. Learning something new with Thinking Sideways. Buying an ice cold diet coke. The smell of the petrol station. Successfully backing the car into a tight space.

Coming home after a long day. Seeing your lovely boyfriends face. Relaxing on the couch and catching up on the day. Catching up on the tweets of the day.


Crawling into a comfy bed. Listening to the sounds out of the window. Having no alarm on for the morning. Drifting easily off to sleep.

It’s all about the little things.

JC xx

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