JC Chats: Blogging Gratitude (Why you should be proud of your blog!)

August 23, 2015


Now, I feel as though everyone goes through that ‘patch’ with their blog. Where suddenly you question why you spend your evenings writing away on a box to the internet. I certainly have several times. But I feel as though recently I’ve been seeing quite a bit of chatter about bloggers being burnt out, and about not feeling the love of blogging anymore. It could be due to technical issues they’re having with their blogs sometimes. My friend decided to check out websites similar to www.m247.ro to get some consistent web hosting to try and stop that being an issue in the future.

I do think that it can be so tough, the blogging market is saturated and I think it can be disheartening if you feel as though your blog isn’t getting out there. I know for sure when I tweeted out late one night that even though I tried not to, my stats were making me feel a wee bit down – I got the highest engagement out of a tweet in months!

So I was pondering on my stats and feeling like my blog growth had stalled and just generally feeling a little blue about my blog when I decided I needed to turn that around. I need to look at how far I’ve come since I started this blog. Since January (all my stats got wiped from before that), I’ve written almost 100 posts, had 6,201 comments on this little blog, grown my twitter following, started focusing on my Instagram, worked with some fabulous brands and most importantly – made some of the best blogging friends a girl could ask for!


So enough about me, the whole point of this post was to make you feel good about your blog – cause really, you are awesome and you should know it.

1. You actually made a blog in the first place!! You made that leap to put your thoughts on the internet in its own little spot. You know the number of people who remark to me, oh I’d love to write a blog – well you did, and you should be happy with that.

2. You put out the awesome content week in, week out! You take the time to get those thoughts down, to read and reread and you should realize how much work really goes into it. We all know that writing posts can be like a part-time job for some weeks!

3. You have learned way more about the technical side of the internet that you ever imagined. I mean maintaining your own website along with the plethora that is domains, self-hosting, SEO, google analytics, google ads and HTML. You have even learnt how to cite a website to make sure that your content comes from a credible source. Now those are some serious skills.

4. You pretty much do the work of a small PR company. I mean, the amount of time and skill it takes to sort out a twitter, Instagram, Facebook, G+, and Pinterest account, not only to get people to follow you but to engage and drive traffic to the blog.

5. You may have worked with some awesome companies. We all know the amount of work which goes into writing about something which has been sent to you and you should be proud not only that companies want to work with you, but also that you can produce that awesome content.

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6. You’ve figured out the minefield that is web design and has something on the internet which is readable – well done! And don’t worry if you can’t figure it, you can easily hire a company like this agence digitale genève. Getting a professional company to help you sort out your web design will really help you if you are struggling. Finding the right person for the job could be as simple as doing a quick google search into something like Web design Uk. There’s no harm in asking for some help, especially if it is to help create something that you’d be proud of.

7. You have gone from taking a dark blurry photo on a phone to a bright white DSLR edited shot (well I hope I’ll get this one, one day!!).

8. You can be a part of the awesome blogging community which we have here, and I know that I have made some of the best blogging friends since starting.

So there we have it, put a smile on that face and take a couple of minutes today to remind yourself of how awesome this hobby really is.

JC xx

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