JC Tech: Why + How to Brand Your Blog

August 16, 2015


How to brand your blog. I know, when I first started blogging, I heard a lot of people on twitter always talking about your brand. Your blog brand. Your personal brand. And for probably over a year, I was like… uh I still don’t understand what it is to have a blog ‘brand’, it’s not like I’m a perfume!

But over the past few months, it just kind of clicked. I don’t really like the term ‘brand’, instead I like the think of it as my blogs personality. Little touches you do, which shows others, ‘oh that totally came from xx blog’ or ‘oh that looks like a post from xx’. Just little signatures and quirks which show something is yours. For example, a lot of the bigger ‘blogging tips’ blogs I follow, as soon as I see an image on twitter or pinterest, I can immediately tell that it has come from there. Sometimes when it comes to blog branding you need to strip it back to the basics and just think Blog vs website: the differences and go from there.

So why should you ‘brand’ your blog? Well, to be honest, I don’t think it’s essential. More something I decided on when I wanted to streamline my blog a little. I think it helps with:

  • Providing a consistent ‘personality’ which others can recognise
  • Puts you into a routine so it can be easier to create a lot of images at the same time
  • Puts more of a ‘professional’ look to your blog (in very loose terms…)
  • Makes it easier to make any design changes and decisions.

So you can hopefully see here, that the decision to ‘brand’ my blog, not only helps how your blog looks but really, it makes life easier!! It takes the thought out of graphics or design changes and hopefully allows others to recognise my blog and posts more easily. This might make it easier to figure out your SEO campaign for your blog as well. My friend told me that they got some great advice from SEO Heroes Bangkok (https://www.seoheroesbangkok.com). They are worth checking out. It is most definitely not complete on my blog, nor do I think I am in any way a blog brand expert, but I really wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the past year, which I wish I had known at the start (especially as someone who is rubbish with anything design related)!

How do you go about doing this? Well I just thought I’d throw my top 5 points into this post which I found helpful when trying to find my own little personality for this blog.

1. Blog logo and button

If you haven’t already then I wholly recommend if you are graphically challenged (like me), then spending a couple of $$ in getting a blog logo made. There are some really affordable options out there which are easily found through twitter or etsy. Try and get buttons using the same logo which can then be shared with others and used on your social media accounts (I use mine as my twitter background!). This logo should then hopefully represent your brand throughout all your profiles.

300 x 250

2. Colour Scheme

It took me a long time to realise that it makes life a lot easier if you have a colour scheme. Pick a few colours which work well together and stick with them for the majority of your designs or graphics. And rather than just remembering ‘blue and white’, take down the # exact number and use it consistently. Hopefully you can see throughout my blog my colours are white, grey and blue (specifically #6699FF) and I try and use those within my layout and my graphics.

3. Blog Graphics

You might have noticed that I’ve started creating a blog graphic for most of my posts, like that one up there! These make it a lot easier for your posts to be shared. The aim is that if I’m consistent with the graphics enough then they should hopefully become recognisable to others when I see them! It took me forever to figure out a graphic I like (and I still feel like I want to change it!) but I ended up using Canva which was really handy. I also did an experiment where I tried to make a whole heap of different graphics and pinned them all on a Pinterest board – this made it easier to compare them all in one place and figure out the one I liked best (I also use my colours in these!).

TEXT (1)

4. Fonts + Sizes

Another one which it took me a long time to realise why my blog never look completely put together was that of fonts and sizes. I now have one font which I use throughout my blog, titles and graphics. You can find fonts from sites like Fontspace online. I think it’s also good to decide on the size of your font – I have been trying to have standard heading sizes throughout the post (such as in this bulleted list!). Of course, the design aspects of a blog aren’t everyone’s forte, and sometimes it’s better to just bring in the professionals, like this web design company toronto. Not everyone has a flair for the creative, but that doesn’t mean that their blog shouldn’t look good. So there is no shame in hiring a professional to design your blog for you.

5. Usernames and bios

Finally, I’ve been trying to keep my usernames and bios in sync. Although jasmincharlotte is annoyingly one letter too long for most usernames, I’ve settled on jasxcharlotte which usually gets the name across. I’ve also been trying to keep my bios and photos consistent across all platforms – so hopefully it is a friendly and recognised face you see across all platforms!


So as I said earlier, I’m in no way an expert but these are little tips which I wish I had known earlier. I’m much happier with how my blog looks compared to how I started!

What’s your biggest design tip?

JC xx

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