JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #19

September 22, 2015

Photo 12-09-2015 5 15 53 pm

Life is so hectic at the moment!! Work is in a super busy time period, and I’ve been spending my time split between London and Manchester. I do feel as though the blog is super neglected at the moment, so I apologise, I will get back to visiting and commenting soon, I’m hoping life will get back to normal by mid October. So what has made me happy in the past crazily busy couple of weeks?

1 I’m going to Chicago!! Yep, I’m off to Chicago for a week at the beginning of October, it is for work but I do love the States. I went to Chicago a few years ago and really liked it so I’m very keen to get back and hopefully find a little bit of time in between work and sleep to do a bit more exploring.

2 I’m going to Copenhagen!! All the trips, this time an actual holiday for a long weekend at the end of October, I’m off with Paul, my sister and her boyfriend so it will be awesome to get a bit of a family trip in. Plus, I’ve never been Denmark (or Scandanavia) so I’m very excited to get exploring this part of the world.

3 Coming Home. At an opposite to the above, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road recently, and there is no better feeling that coming home, getting to see Paul and actually do a bit of relaxing.

Photo 12-09-2015 5 19 29 pm

4 Weddings! More weddings, Paul and I headed out to Malmesbury to see one of his oldest friends get married. It was set in some gorgeous gardens and we got such good weather. It was nice to get out of the cities and see a lovely wedding.

5 Cozy weather. I do love summer and not having to wear a million layers but I always felt like this summer was a bit of a fail. I’m glad it’s finally getting to a month where it’s okay to be a bit chilly, with thick duvets and boots. It makes everything feel a bit more homely.

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6 Paella. We went for a cycle down the river last weekend and ended up at a pub which served the most delicious Paella. I never thought I was a mussels fan but these were totally delicious and has just made me want to eat seafood all the time!

7 Bake off. I haven’t managed to watch much TV this month but I am still making sure that bake off is a regular occurrence! I love reading all the blog posts about it too, next year I am determined to bake along!

Photo 17-09-2015 7 36 00 pm

8 Yauatcha. We went out to the Chinese Soho restaurant for my sisters birthday and stuffed ourselves full of wine and delicious dim sum. Really good, watch this space for a full post!

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9 Drinks at home. On Saturday, Katy and Sam came over for some drinks and I had such a good night! I’m usually always keen to go out to a pub or bar, but drinks at home were really enjoyable, I’ll have to do it again soon!

10 Chloe has been making some delicious sounding brunches (cheesy corn bread? Yes please!).  And Mimmis Autumn Goals have been totally inspiring me!

What made you happy this week?

JC xx

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