JC Explores: London Eats #1 – Grain Store + Homeslice

September 15, 2015

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I eat out all the time. It’s a habit I am constantly trying to break as I’m pretty certain the majority of my money each week goes on meals. However, I never seem to be able to break this habit! So I decided I may as well get something out of all these meals out, and get blogging about it. I’m not the best at writing long restaurant reviews, so welcome to to the Eats series, where I will do quick fire reviews of 2-3 restaurants/bars/pubs in each post. So starting this week on two of the more trendy London restaurants I’ve managed to visit recently – Grain Store and Homeslice!

Grain Store

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It was my bestie Sams birthday, and as she is a vegetarian – I wanted a vege friendly restaurant! Grain Store is near the Kings Cross canal and I easily booked us a table online. The idea of Grain Store was that the vegetables are the important bits on the plate, with the meat as an accompaniment. On the menu there are a couple of vegetarian/vegan options but there is also the option to amend some of the other meals without the meat so overall a good selection!

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Grain Store itself is a large, open restaurant, it feels very light and airy especially on the summers day we visited. There is a big outdoor space along with a pleasant bar where we had a drink. Onto the food! We had some simple bread and dukkah for starters before jumping into the mains. I went for the summer cassoulet, a warming combination of beans, peas and tomato topped with rabbit sausages. The sausages were delicious, very gamey – along with the very flavourful stew. By the end I was stuffed! The rest of the group went for a variety of mains, from pulled pork pancake to spinach and ricotta ravioli – all getting good ratings.

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As it was a special occasion, we sprung for dessert. I got fancy jelly and icecream, accompanied with strawberries – the ice cream itself was pepper flavoured which was amazing! I am quite obsessed with pepper at the moment. However, other than the ice cream – the rest of the dessert was a bit plain.

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Service was prompt and friendly, and the overall price was reasonable. I enjoyed our meal here but I’m not in a rush to go back – though if I had to find a pleasant place with vegetarian options then this is a good bet!


My next adventure was to Homeslice with lovely bloggers Katy and Karen. I had been wanting to go to Homeslice for ages, and decided it was finally time to give it a try. Homeslice is a pizza place found in Neals Yard near Covent Garden. Unfortunately, you cannot book for Homeslice which is why I haven’t given it a go thus far –  I’m very anti queuing or waiting for my food! We arrived at around 6 and they informed us that it would be around an hour and 15 minute wait. I left my number and we headed off round the corner for a drink with the assurance we would get a call when a table was available.

At about 7.15, we headed back to Homeslice hoping our table would be ready, however even when we got back we still ended up waiting another 30 minutes. The place itself is pretty small, but waiting almost 2 hours for a table is painful. However, once we did finally get in – we were given a free drink which helped ease the pain!

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Now time for the pizza itself, the pizzas come in huge sizes but you can split them in two. As we were STARVING and as good bloggers and all, we decided two would be ideal – going for aubergine, cauliflower cheese, spinach and harissa (my fave), chorizo, corn and coriander (delish), goat shoulder, savoy cabbage and sumac yoghurt (another goodie) and Peppers, Chervil and Lincolnshire Poacher (not my fave – the peppers were a bit too strong for me). The pizza itself was really good – thin and crispy base, though it was a bit salty. We successfully ate our way through most of the pizza, each taking a couple of slices home for later!

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Overall, pizza was delicious, the wait was not. You can get it to take away and I hear it is quieter during lunch so I would recommend a trip then, rather than an evening.

What are your London recommendations?

JC xx

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