JC Explores: The Scotland Series – Fort William + Glencoe

September 20, 2015

IMG_2497Following our time in Loch Lomond, it was time to get back on the road and drive to Fort William. Fort William is around 2 hours away from where we were staying so we headed off after lunch.

Little did I realise that 1, the road will take us through the gorgeous Glencoe, and 2, my sister who just happened to be travelling in Scotland at the same time as me would also be in Glencoe around the same time. Ideal! Glencoe itself is the start of the highlands, a giant valley surrounded by hills and mountains, all covered in lush greenery and huge waterfalls. We stopped off at the visitor centre to say hello to the sister before heading onto Fort William – but don’t worry, we were to return!


Fort William itself is the second biggest town in the highlands (Inverness is the first) and as far as towns go – it was fine. It has all the amenities you need along with a lot of accommodation. As the scenery around Fort William is so gorgeous, most people won’t end up spending long in the town anyway! We checked into our hotel before settling down for the evening.


The following day, we got up and although Paul was desperate to climb Ben Nevis, as I didn’t have the best shoes with me – we decided to go up the cable car of the nearby mountain instead! The cable car itself was a bit old but it goes us straight up the mountain and into the clouds. Once you are up the top, there are a couple of different walks you can do to get some stunning views! Luckily the clouds soon lifted and we got some lovely sunshine looking across the Lochs and the town. Fort William is also the home of downhill mountain biking so it was awesome to be able to see all the different routes down the hill.


After a couple of hours walking, I was desperate to go back to Glencoe and really explore – as I had been driving on the first run through! The second time was even better with the sun making an appearance. We wandered down the road, eventually parking and starting a hike off through the Glen. The walk itself was stunning, walking over the undulating hills and looking at all the waterfalls.

Photo 31-08-2015 4 14 13 pm Photo 31-08-2015 4 18 35 pm

The other big thing we ended up doing in Fort William was trying the terrifying…. haggis! Paul decided to order haggis, neeps and tatties one evening and we both gave it a try. And surprisingly, it is pretty delicious! Like a very savoury, slightly different textured sausage. If you just try and forget about what it actually is, then not a problem at all.

Photo 30-08-2015 7 34 14 pm

The following day it was time to go to Skye, we decided to stop off at a castle on the way. You can’t go to Scotland without going to a castle! I debated on which to go to and eventually decided on Eilean Donan Castle, one you have probably seen several times in pictures!


The castle itself was stunning from the outside, so picturesque! It was blown up about 300 years ago by a rebel and then reconstructed but I think this adds to the charm. We did pay to cross the bridge and go into the castle itself but I wouldn’t recommend it – nothing too exciting, the exterior is definitely the highlight.

Once we visited the castle, it was time to continue over the bridge – to the Isle of Skye!

JC xx

Exploring Fort William and Glencoe - Scotland, Travel Inspiration - Jasmin Charlotte

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