JC Chats: What to Watch, Read and Listen to – October 2015

October 27, 2015

What to watch read and listen to

Phew, what with the Chicago trip this month, I finally managed to catch up on some reading! My goal this year is 40 books and I have been falling behind, what with so much going on at the moment. But I managed to read one book on the way there, and one on the way back – success! It’s also been a good month for podcasts, finding a few gems.



I have to say the best thing in terms of watching this month is that we got a Roku stick. You may be wondering ‘what is roku and how does it work?’ After the xbox packed in a month ago, it’s been a pain to watch anything on Netflix or iPlayer as we would have to set the laptop up to stream through the TV. Anyway, we picked up a Roku stick and now it streams everything for us, plus we got an awesome remote which has a legit Netflix button. Life sorted.

mr robot

Mr Robot

We have been a little in a TV slump recently, what with the end of Bake Off and being completely caught up with Suits. Katy recommended Mr Robot to us, knowing that Paul and I are both techies and we love it! It centres around a slightly socially inept hacker and his life hacking evilcorp. It’s quite dark and the tone reminds me of House of Cards but in a tech scenario. We are only half way through the season but if the rest is as good as the first half then it is just awesome. One to add if you want something a bit more serious and engrossing.

inside out

Inside Out

I watched this on the plane and loved it! I’m not a Disney/kids movie kind of person, but after hearing about this on SRSLY I thought I would give it a go. Essentially, it centres around a girls brain as she grows up, with each of her emotions personified. I just love how they portrayed each emotion and how the mind works, it was so well thought through in every aspect. Everytime I have a song stuck in my head now, I always think of the little men playing a joke and sending back the song on repeat. A really thoughtful and enjoyable watch.

I also watched Amy on the plane, the film about Amy Winehouse and her life. I have to admit I didn’t know much about her before I watched it and it was hugely engrossing. Such an eye opening watch even if you aren’t a keen fan.


wronged son

The Wronged Sons – John Marrs

This was the book of choice on the flight home. I hate flying so I try and pick books which will really engross me and keep me distracted from the giant metal box. This was a great choice! It centres around a family where the husband Steven, one day disappears. He then comes back to see his wife Catherine 25 years later to explain why he left. It is one of those which jumps back and forward in time and keeps you hooked from the very beginning. If you like thrillers like Gone Girl then this is a great option!


dad porno

My Dad Wrote a Porno

I know this is a slightly more risque podcast, but it talks about what it says! Essentially, Jacks dad wrote a porno called Belinda Blinked and each week, he and 2 hosts read out a chapter. Unfortunately, it’s not quite the type of porno you can easily find on a website like https://www.hdpornvideo.xxx/?hl=he (I think), but it is SO funny. I’ve not really found many podcasts which actually make me laugh, but I’ve been listening to this on the train and embarassingly laughing consistently. One you need to give a listen to if you need a giggle.

What have you been watching, reading and listening to this month?

JC xx

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