JC Explores: Adventures on the Isle of Skye

October 9, 2015


Once we had left Eilean Donan castle, we got back on the road again. Little did we know, about 25 minutes, the car backfired. We thought it must be a one off and continued on over the bridge to Skye. And then the check engine light appeared. Just what you don’t need on a road trip when you are in the middle of no where in the highlands with effectively no public transport.

However, the car was a trooper and despite not sounding good, made it the 40 miles to Portree, the largest town on Skye. Luckily for us, there was a Vauxhall garage only about 2 miles from our B+B so we popped in – the coils and spark plugs needed changing but they would be able to get them the next morning – phew!

We headed off to the B+B and unloaded – we stayed at the Hillcroft B+B which was just lovely! Such cozy rooms, friendly hosts and the ideal base for our trip. By this point, it was almost dinner time and as we didn’t want to push the car too much we headed off to Stein on the coast.


However, the weather wasn’t on our side and during our little seaside walk, we definitely needed our umbrellas. To dry off, we went to the Stein Inn, a traditional Scottish pub on the water and warmed up with whiskey and steaks!


We woke up early and took the car off to get fixed, luckily this was a speedy process so we had almost an entire day to explore Skye and we were going to make the most of it! We started by heading to the Old Man of Storr. This is an ancient rock formation on one of the large hills at the North of Skye. Initially, I thought we were just going to stop off to have a look, but we soon discovered that we could hike all the way to the top! It is a normal path at the start but then sheers off to rocks which you scramble all the way up to the base. Although I was initially skeptical, and as you can see in the picture below, was getting very cold ears, the views from the top were gorgeous!



We continued our drive around Trotternish, the top peninsula of Skye, stopping off at a few other sights to have an epic view at the geology and scenery. Once we had lapped the top of Island, we decided to head down to the bottom of Skye to go to the Fairy Pools.


The Fairy pools are a set of waterfalls and pools within a giant valley. The pools themselves are stunning as the water is just so clear! You can see all the way to the bottom. The waterfalls were pretty spectacular and you can swim in them, but from the faces of two people we saw, I wouldn’t recommend it! We went and hiked for a couple of hours up the side of the pools, stopping to take lots of pics.



It was getting to the end of the day, so we headed back to the B+B to get changed. As we had had the car stress, and on the recommendation of our hosts, we decided to book ourselves in for a slightly fancier meal at the Edinbane Inn. And let me tell you, it was delicious. I went for the local scallops with a rustic chickpea stew, and those scallops. They were fat, juicy, cooked to perfection and I got 7 of them. You can’t beat that really right!


Later that evening once we were pleasantly full, the bar hosted some local music which was awesome. Fiddles and pipes from the local villages all came and played together – we got a dram of whisky and really enjoyed the atmosphere, probably one of the most enjoyable evenings of our whole trip!

After this we headed off to bed, the following day we were about to start our long drive through Scotland, to Edinburgh!

To be continued…

JC xx


Exploring the Isle of Skye, Travel Inspiration - Jasmin Charlotte

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