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October 11, 2015

5 Tools toImprove your blogSo a little while ago I posted a few posts on tools to improve your writing, your photos and your blog. Since then my search for other handy little tools has continued and it’s time for another round up of helpful tools to help improve your blog. If you come across any useful tools then do let me know, I am always one to enjoy new bits of tech! If you’ve just started a blog, you’ll need to get a web host and if you’re worried about the cost of this, check out these HostGator India Coupons. Once you’re all set up, use these tips to help improve your blog.



The free version of photoshop essentially. I usually think of Picmonkey as the quick image editor, Canva as the graphics creator and GIMP as the photoshop or big photo editor. It really does have most of the features of Photoshop and as it is open source, it means there are lots of handy little things you can download and add on. If you don’t want to splash the cash on a fancy editor, then this is the best alternative. I did find it took a little while to get my head around, as most tools with lots of features, but worth it when you get there!



Unsplash, whilst not technically a tool, is the best repository for amazing images which are completely free of copyright and any form of license. You can use these images anywhere and everywhere (you can see them pretty often on the blog these days like above and on the sidebar!). I was always worried of using stock photos as there was always a niggle that maybe I was missing something, but unsplash is definitely the answer.

Death to the Stock Photo

This is another one similar to Unsplash but instead they email you a big pack of completely license free stock photos each month. These are ideal if you don’t have any images lined up, or are writing something which doesn’t necessary lean itself to an obvious image!




My new obsession! Coschedule allows you to do everything at once, planning your blog posts and your tweets/social media all in one, it comes as a web app, but also as a plugin within WordPress which makes it super easy to use. If you are posting really often and want to up your blogging/social media game then I highly recommend giving it a go. You do have to pay for it after the 2 week free trial, where it is then 9 pounds a month. But give it a go and see how you get on, I really enjoyed Sarahs post on it which inspired me to give it a try and now I’m not going back!




Quicksprout is like a quick look at your SEO and how much of an impact it is having out there. Of course, if you’re using an SEO Perth service, your results will be a lot better than if you are doing SEO your own, unless you’re an expert! Although, slightly harsh (at least in my case with one recommendation of ‘be more popular’, well I am trying…!), it does have some good recommendations for how to improve your SEO on your blog. For example, it points out my headings are too short and should be longer, I also need to work on my page size which is something I’ve been doing. It has told me that I need to improve my keywords to show up on Google more so I’m using SEOpp keyword categoriser to find out how I can improve them. There are lots of useful tools online that can help your SEO for free! You can also compare different sites which is handy. Ideal if you need some quick SEO help! SEO can be quite challenging so you may want to hire an SEO company like Sccecc.org to help you out.


Okay, so this isn’t a tool but I wanted to throw a couple of blogs at the bottom here which I always go to for any kind of blogging help. I do find reading these kind of blogs help not only with the inspiration but also just to get the ideas flowing!

Elle and Company

Elle and Company is probably my favourite blogging tips site, not only is it gorgeous but Elle always shares some really smart and easy tips to implement on your site. I’ve learnt so much by browsing the archives! My favourite posts include:

The Nectar Collective

Melyssa is so down to earth with her tips, really just helping you get out of a creative rut! I love her mix of life and blogging tips. Definite blog goals with this one! My favourite posts include:

What tools and tips have you been using recently?

JC xx

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