JC Tech: My Twitter Pet Peeves

October 15, 2015

Twitter pet peeves

Now, I know I don’t like to be negative on this blog. But you know what, sometimes you just need to have a big complain. And you know what I need to complain about? Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love twitter, I’ve made so many of my blog friends through it, it is a huge traffic driver, and it truly helps the blogging community. But there are just a few of those little things that do just bug me. So this is my time to vent, and of course this is all my opinion, you may love these things, and that’s okay too.

1 Only ever posting blog links

By all means, share your blog links and do so a few times a day! Twitter moves so fast that I won’t mind. But do make sure you intersperse them with a few other bits and bobs. Even if it’s just an update on your day. I want to follow you, not just a giant link to your blog, that is what bloglovin is for!

2 Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow…

I get it, you want followers. Hey, we all do! It’s fine. But following, then unfollowing, then refollowing all within the space of a day is not the best way to go about it. Then I finally do follow you but within a day, you’ve already unfollowed back? I just don’t get this! Follow me because you want to, not just to inflate your own followers.


3 Cause twitter drama

We all have opinions, twitter is a great place to air them. And by all means do, but don’t be horrible about it. Remember the whole world will see those tweets and even though it may only be 1 person who calls you out but the other 900 that follow you will all be seeing it as well.

4 Sending an automatic DM

Just why?! The automatic DM which says ‘thanks for following, follow me here, here, and here’, I can’t even pinpoint why I hate them so much but they are just frustrating and feel so impersonal.

5 Twitter chat etiquette

I love me some twitter chats, they are an awesome way of connecting with others and chatting all about blogging and a whole host of things. At the end of the chat, by all means share you link and I will have a read. But then you have the people who don’t even take part in the chat but come along at the end and spam their link with the same copy paste message! It really grinds my gears, just take part in the chat!

6 Links in the bio

This one is more twitters fault, but previously when you wanted to click on a profile, it would bring up a lightbox. This has now been replaced by a hover, which means that the link to your blog isn’t shown. This means when I want to go to your blog I have to hover, then open your profile, then find the link. Super annoying. I read so many blogs through twitter, so just make sure your link is in your profile and link area!

Phew. Well that is my whinging done for this year. Forgive me, sometimes it must be done!

What are your twitter pet peeves?

JC xx

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