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October 13, 2015

The Europe Travel Bucket List

Originally, I was going to write a WHOLE WORLD travel bucket list, then I realised that literally every country I haven’t been to it was on there. So I decided it was time to condense and just hit up Europe. I’m steadily making my way around Europe since moving to London almost 3 years ago (how has it been that long?!). So far I have hit many of the big sites – England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Monaco, and Italy! But I think it is time to add to list the 6 Europe destinations which I want to get to in the next 5 years. Part of me really wants to rent a campervan for these trips, so I’ve been looking for campervan rental companies in all the areas I mention. I just think it would be a great way to get a really authentic taste of these magnificent regions and everything they have to offer, particularly all of their natural beauty. Let’s see if I manage it!


This one is a tiny bit of a cheat because I’ve booked a trip to Copenhagen!! We are going for a long weekend with my sister and her boyfriend at the end of October and I am very excited. All of Scandinavia is somewhere I really want to explore but the high price has been putting me off. I’m hoping this trip to Copenhagen will give me a good idea of how pricey it is and how much more exploring I can do. I would like to visit Malmö in Sweden at some point. My friend told me if you are after the best Lunch Malmö is the place to find it!

I love the look of the houses and city itself, when you google the city the same iconic stretch of houses comes up repeatedly! Plus very excited to go to the Tivoli after hearing very good things.


Photo courtesy of Sophie


Iceland has been on the list for a long time – mainly because I really want to see the Northern Lights! This has been on my bucket list for ages. Plus, Iceland is always up there in those lists of the happiest people, and best living standards and I can understand it looking at that scenery! Obviously, I will need to time this well so I don’t absolutely freeze but still get to see the lights!



My sister recently took a big trip to Albania and Macedonia and let me tell you, the photos looked amazing. Both previously communist, they are not well known, and Rebecca said they barely saw another tourist during their two week stint. I really want to visit the country before all the tourists flock back there as the scenery there does look gorgeous.


Photo courtesy of Ioanna

Santorini and the Greek Isles

I swear every blogger has been to Santorini and taken gorgeous photos of sunshine and blue clear waters and I am now desperate to go. The city itself looks spectacular, plus the other options on this list are mostly kinda cold, so this will ensure I get me some sunshine. I also want to go to Crete too. My friend went and hired a car from e-mietwagenkreta.de, she had a great time.

county cork ireland

Photo courtesy of Charlie

Northern Ireland and Ireland

After the stunning trip to Scotland, Ireland has now been firmly put on the list. Plus I really need to go so I can say I have truly done the entirety of the UK!! I think this would be ideal to roadtrip around and was totally inspired by Charlies recent trip too.


Photo courtesy of Lauren


Croatia has been on my list for AGES. But as I really want to go for more than a long weekend, it hasn’t happened (we almost went instead of Scotland, but I fancied a road trip!). So this is a must visit in the next couple of years, Laurens recent trip has made me desperate to go as soon as possible!

Where is on your Europe bucket list? Where do I need to go first!?

JC xx

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