JC Updates: London Summer Bucket List – the Update!

October 4, 2015

JC Updates

We are at the end of September now, and although the weather has been Autumnal for a long time, it is official – summer is over! So it’s time to do a round up from my London Summer Bucket List. Overall, I think I did pretty well, although this summer turned into a crazy busy one, I still managed to get out there and meet some of my goals. This is the first bucket list I have done, and I’m looking forward to doing some more! I would include wanting to go whale watching California locations, that’s for my next bucket list addition!

The Successes:

Photo 19-07-2015 8 31 48 pm

1 Visit Cahoots

Win! I went to Cahoots in July with Hannah and loved it! Such a cool space and everything I hoped it would be. It is honestly like travelling back and being in a 40s bar. Plus anywhere where I have to say a codeword to get in, is the best.

2 Go out for a fancy meal

Another win, we went to Yauatcha for my sisters birthday a couple weeks ago and had the signature menu. More about this coming up in my next London Eats post.

3 Go to a new museum

After much deliberation, we decided to head off to the Hunterian Museum after Hannah recommended it. I really enjoyed it too! It is at the Royal College of Surgeons and is dedicated to pretty much animals and weird body parts in jars. That said, it was really interesting, a good size and even on a Saturday afternoon not packed. I highly recommend a visit.

4 Get to Kew Gardens

Yes! A last minute success where we cycled to Kew, I wrote a whole post about it as it was one of my favourite places I’ve been to in a long while.

Photo 04-08-2015 9 29 27 pm

8 Go rock climbing

The big thanks for this one has to go to Karen for inviting us bouldering! We have been a couple times since and I really enjoyed it. Definitely a new hobby which I want to keep up when work settles down in October.


10 Go somewhere new in the UK

Total success! The giant road trip around Scotland really sealed this one, but I also went to Exmoor in Devon and Malmsbury in Wiltshire!

The Kind of Successes:

5 Visit a London Stately Home

Kind of a win? I was aiming to get to Blenheim Palace or Leeds Castle, instead I did go to Kew Palace when we visited Kew Gardens, and got to see the antique furniture that decorates the castle, it really made me want to look into getting some for my own home – see antique furniture here . We also went to a couple of castles in Scotland, so surely some of those count right?!

9 Run another little blog meet up

Although I didn’t run my own blog meet up, that was mainly because I was speaking at the Big Blogger Conference! I thought that this blogging outing and getting to see lots of blogging pals made up for not doing a blogging meet up.

The Fails:

6 Go for a cycle out in the country

There was a lot of cycling this summer, but unfortunately not out in the country. One we will do soon!

7 Go to the theatre

Another fail, I did really want to get out and see a play but it was not to be! We did end up with Globe tickets but it then clashed with when we were away. I am planning on booking a theatre trip soon though, I still have theatre vouchers which need to be used!

So there we have it, I’m already thinking about my Winter Bucket List, it is a nice way to encourage me to get out more which will be ideal in the colder months!

Do you like bucket lists? Did you have an eventful summer?

JC xx

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