JC Wears: The New Winter Coat

October 20, 2015


I’ve started to have a little revolution in terms of clothes. A few years ago, I was such a shopping addict, always wanting to have a wander round the high street to pick up some bits and pieces. Fast forward to last year, I just stopped shopping. I got a bit sick of having so much stuff, when in reality I only ever wore the pieces which I really enjoyed. Everything else, including a whole lot of impulse purchases just clogged up the drawers and wardrobes.

So I had a big clear out, got rid of anything I didn’t wear regularly, or things I was only keeping a hold of for ‘one day’ and decided I needed to think more about my clothing purchases. I felt awful getting rid of so many things, I actually needed a dumpster in the end, although I did throw a few other bits and bobs from the house in too. I only needed the smallest of the dumpster sizes, just to clarify. A big area for this was coats. I had a lot of coats and did a big cull leaving myself with 3 – the light black trench for the beginning of Autumn, the super thick puffer for those absolutely freezing days, and the in between – the more stylish but very warm coat that would take me through the majority of Winter. When a friend of mine showed me her borq women’s coat, I knew I have to look go looking for a new coat.


Sadly, after a good 2 years of service, my staple coat was starting to look very much worse for wear. Luckily, that was when Blacks got in touch about their new range of Sprayway coats. I had a browse through their collection, and settled on the Willow Parka*. I knew that this was going to be the one, one which becomes the staple, an investment not just for the upcoming Winter, but one to bring out every year!


The coat itself is the ideal length for me, I am used to shorter coats, but as this goes down past the bum, it is the best for wearing with dresses (and yes, I do still wear dresses for all of winter!). It’s made with ‘Exo-therm 200 hi fleece’ which essentially means it is super super warm. Even in the freezing temperatures, it locks in the warmth, plus it has a fluffy inside which means you just feel snuggled as soon as you put it on.

Photo 03-10-2015 9 58 50 pm

I took it with me to Chicago (more on that soon!) as I knew the temperatures over there were taking a bit of a dive, I figured it was the best time to give it a good run and see how warm it was! I only wore a light cardigan underneath and can confirm, even in pretty dismal wet and grey Chicago weather, it kept me super dry and warm! You can even pull the cuffs tighter when it gets cold, and pop your hands in the fleece lined pockets. It stands up really well to rain, being fully waterproof – the guys that designed this were actually from Manchester, which explains why they made sure it needed to handle rain and wind!!

Photo 14-10-2015 7 40 19 pm

As the weather grows cooler, I’ve been wearing it pretty much all the time since I got back! I don’t want the cold weather to stop me getting out and about. I’ve been trying to keep up my walking, going down by the river with the Autumn Leaves, walking along the Thames to feed the ducks and even just on my commute to and from the train station. I am always on the lookout for a new coat as I do love having a collection to choose from. I think I take after my mum. She is always buying a new coat to add to her collection. She recently stumbled across Swish Fashion ladies plus size coats who offer some really stylish and comfy looking coats for plus size women which is incredible!

Overall, this is an awesome coat from Sprayway and I can guarantee that this is going to pop up in a whole load of blog photos throughout the upcoming winter!

Do you have a million winter coats? Or are you trying to streamline your wardrobe like me?

JC xx

*This coat was sent to me by Sprayway, but all opinions are my own! Check out my disclaimer for more info.

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