JC Explores: London Eats #2: Yauatcha + Flesh and Buns

October 6, 2015

And we are back with some more delicious eating! I thought I would talk about 2 Asian restaurants that I’ve been to recently. London is full of so many different cuisines and I do love eating from different cultures but I don’t often go to many Chinese/Japanese restaurants so this was an ideal treat.

Flesh and Buns

Flesh and Buns is an underground Japanese restaurant and bar near Seven Dials in central London (which means no ideal light for blog photos!). I had been meaning to go here for ages after hearing really good reviews from a whole load of bloggers! The restaurant itself is made up of a few small tables with a very long sharing table in the middle. Normally I don’t mind a sharing table but it can be a bit of a pain when you are sharing food and trying to stick everything in the middle. Though luckily as we were a table of 5, we were on an individual table.

We started with some chicken skewers, with others on the table getting the sushi – and the sushi looked good! I did want a light beginning as we were ready for these buns. As the name would suggest, you order several different meats which come on a sharing platter, then order some steamed buns and sides. You then combine them all together for some delicious buns!


I really like this way of eating. The buns themselves were squishy and warm, exactly as I imagined. The meat to stuff them with was equally delicious, I very much enjoyed the salmon teriyaki, flaky and covered with a sticky glaze. It was even enjoyed by Paul who usually is not a salmon lover! I think we ended up having about 3 buns each with 2 main courses.

Dessert was a delight, I went for Kinako donuts which were sweet and crispy. My friends went for the Smores which even came with a tiny fire for you to cook them over!


Overall, a very enjoyable meal and I would definitely return. The service was prompt though I do think it can be a little pricey, that said I do fancy going back to try their tasting menu which looks like great value for £35.


Now, I’m not a big fan of Chinese food. I think this is because the Chinese I’ve tried has always been quite greasy and heavy. That said, I decided to give it another shot for my sisters birthday by booking us into Yauatcha to try their signature menu. And let me assure you, it definitely changed my mind!

Yauatcha has 2 restaurants in central London, we went to the Soho branch. It is definitely very modern and trendy, with a giant aquarium along one wall, blue lights and dark walls. There is a definite different feel from upstairs to downstairs – downstairs being louder and more of a night out feel, upstairs having a more trendy and refined mood. We were seated upstairs which was great for the occasion.

We went with the signature menu which is £55 per person, with a minimum of 4 people ordering. We also grabbed a delicious bottle of wine to go along. The first course was made up of a shui mai platter, including scallop, prawn and chicken shui mai. These were one of my favourite bits of the meal, soft but bursting with flavour – the scallop one especially, cooked to perfection! This was joined with a duck spring roll – crispy and filling.

For the main course, we got 4 dishes to share along with 2 sides – sweet and sour pork, dover sole with shittake and soya, kung pao chicken, and stir fry rib eye beef. And let me tell you, flavour sensation! The sole especially was so flavourful with chilli and coriander, I couldn’t stop eating it. And even dishes I’m normally not a fan of – like sweet and sour pork which I usually find a bit greasy, was crispy and light. Combined with some egg fried rice and pak choi, it was a stunner.

Dessert was also exceptional, a platter including a giant macaron, apricot tart and passionfruit yoghurt. All chopped into four and shared around – the ideal sweet to top off a delicious meal.

Considering Yauatcha is a Michelin starred restaurant, we ended up spending around £75 each which I thought for all that food, wine and service was quite reasonable. I highly recommend if you are out for a celebration, and well, now I need to go and try all the Chinese restaurants I’ve been missing out on (luckily Lucy has the best recommendations!).

Where are you been eating out this month?

JC xx

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