JC Travels: My Favourite Road Trip- Rhode Island to California

November 3, 2015


The travel link up this month is on our ‘favourite things’. I wracked my brains slightly as I wanted this to be centred around travel. I talk a whole lot about Europe and my recent trips on Jasmin Charlotte, but actually, I did a whole lot of travel before this blog was created! So I had a hunt through my computer files to see what photos I had, and then by some miracle, found the PowerPoint presentation (yup…) I had made about our trip home after living in the US. So I thought this week we can take a trip down memory lane and chat about my favourite US road trip! I have to admit, there is nothing like Driving a New Chevy across the US and taking in the country. A road trip is something that many people want to experience. Who wouldn’t want to see the sights and attractions of some of their favourite destinations, especially to do with their friends/family? I remember a friend of mine told me how the only thing that stopped them from going on a road trip of a lifetime was not having car insurance. This would have been something that everyone should get, whether they are planning a road trip or not. Long story short, from shopping online for some affordable deals, to even completing the easiest online traffic school, they found ways to lower their insurance rates and were finally able to fulfill their dream of going on a road trip. When it came to us, this was something we knew we had to have before planning anything else.

I lived in Rhode Island for around 15 months when I was 15-16 and I loved it. It was an amazing experience to see a new world, meet new people and get captivated by the US culture. Whilst I was there we did a lot of travel, to Florida, Washington, all throughout New England and Canada – but we saved the best until last. When it was time to fly back to New Zealand, we decided instead to pack the three of us in a car, and drive from Rhode Island to California over 3 weeks, stop for a break in Hawaii and then make it home! We spent plenty of time trying to work out what we should pack and what things should be left behind. One of my friends really wanted to pack the new cooler that she bought after looking at these reviews for the best coolers so we could keep all of our snacks and drinks cool for the long journeys that we’d have in the car. But we came to the conclusion that it took up a lot of room that we needed for other stuff. She wasn’t happy about this but she didn’t let it dampen her holiday spirits.I am going to apologise in advance for these photos, 16 was a few years ago now!!



Our first stop was Cleveland, Ohio – the main reason so we could go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! It rained a whole lot whilst we were here and I still remember walking home and getting absolutely drenched. The Hall itself was great – full of so much music history – my family loved it!



I have a post coming up very soon about my second trip to Chicago which was a few weeks ago, but the first was in the roadtrip. We went at the height of summer and it was boiling! Highlights definitely included the bean and going on a river cruise through all the giant sky scrapers.



So it was my aim in life for about 5 years to become a truck driver. I just really like driving long distances. So of course when we drove through Iowa we had to stop off at the worlds largest truck stop!! I was very excited. I spent a lot of time sitting in trucks. It was an odd time. Other than that, Iowa was flat and very large. It took us a long time to drive through that bit of the trip!



It was now time for the scenic part of the trip as we made our way through the national parks. Colorado was full of gorgeous scenery, lush greens and a whole lot of hills. I look quite miserable in some of these photos, but hey, moody teenager for you!



Utah was one of my favourite places of the whole trip – mainly for Zion National Park which was STUNNING. Like seriously stunning. I want to go back and wander back through the huge cliffs and amazing rock formations.



I’ve been to Las Vegas twice and both before I was 21 – unfair right?! This time we stayed in the Eiffel Tower and spent a lot of time hanging out with Star Trek characters. It was so hot, and as you may be able to tell, I was the most tanned I’ve ever been in my life. It was pretty ideal. I can’t wait to hopefully go back and visit Las Vegas next year!



We had spent quite a bit of time in LA and Orange County prior to this trip, I went with a friend to both places and my friend loved it so much that she is going to look at Orange County Homes For Sale when she has the money! So we decided instead to go up to Northern California which was a huge change. We went to visit Hearst Castle which is probably one of the only Castles you will find in the US and it was pretty stunning! It is essentially a giant cluster of mansions and definitely worth a visit.


hawaii hawaii2

Not technically part of the road trip but we decided we hadn’t seen enough so popped into Hawaii on the way home. I lounged in a hammock, saw sea turtles and visited Pearl Harbour. I really enjoyed Hawaii, it is very idyllic and sometimes you just can’t beat lying on a white sand beach before making the long journey home…

What’s your favourite road trip?

JC xx

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