JC Tech: How to Improve your Blog and Social Media (The Ultimate Collection)

November 8, 2015

With the aim of helping clear up my archives, you will see a few of these little round ups on the blog. In this addition, I’m going to round up all the blog posts I have written on how to improve your blog and social media. Any extra posts I write will be added to here as they are written. Think of this as your ultimate JC Tech page to help find any tips you need.

Blogging Tools:

5 Tools toImprove your blog

5 Writing Tools to Help Improve your Writing

5 Free Tools you need to use for your Blog Images

7 Tools to Improve and Enhance your Blog

5 More Tools to Improve your Blog

My Blogging Process and Tools

10 Handy Websites every Blogger can Use


8 Ways to  Improve your SEO

Bloggers Guide to SEO #1: What is SEO and Why do we need it?

Bloggers Guide to SEO #2: 8 Ways to Boost your SEO

Bloggers Guide to SEO #3: What is a No Follow Link?

Bloggers Guide to SEO #4: Best Plug ins and Tools for SEO

Talking SEO at the #BigBloggerConference

What is Domain Authority? And How do I increase it?

Easy SEO Tips for Busy Bloggers

I would also recommend you to venture deeper into SEO and Google adwords if you have the time and effort to invest in it. Most people start by trying to learn about PPCnerd Scripts that can boost your blog views, as well as page views, if you’re starting your own business using your blog page. It doesn’t stop there, though. You might also want to explore niche edits and curated links. These are links which have been inserted into content that already exists on the internet, which means it has already been indexed and cached by Google. There are loads of other things that you can do though when it comes to your SEO. You can find more information here.

Social Media:

JC Tech (2)

My Twitter Pet Peeves

My Instagram Experiment: How I increased my Followers by 25% in one month

What every Blogger needs to know about Twitter

Bloggers Guide to Using Buffer to Schedule Tweets

Top Apps for Editing Instagram Photos

Why Instagram Themes Don’t Work

How to use Reddit to increase your Blog Traffic

How to use StumbleUpon to increase your Blog Traffic

The Beginners Guide to Pinterest

Bloggers Guide to Pinterest Promoted Pins

Design and Hosting:


Why and How to Brand your Blog?

What every Blogger needs to know about Domain Names

How to Choose a Blog Hosting Provider

Are you ready to go Self Hosted?

Top 5 Sites for Free Stock Photos

Blogging Topics:

7 Podcasts (2)

30 Content Rich Blog Ideas

My Most Popular Blog Ideas (+Why!)


Blog ads

What to Look for in Blog Advertising

Blogging Gratitude and Why you should be proud of your Blog!

Tips to run your own Blog Survey

Top 10 Tips for Attending Blog Meet Ups

How to Run a Blog Giveaway

40 Blogging Lessons I’ve Learnt to Improve my Blog

7 Posts to get you out of a Blogging Slump

7 Posts to read when you need a Blogging reboot

You could also complete a survey like this to help improve your blog and business.

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