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November 15, 2015

JasminAfter my post a couple months ago on How to Grow your Instsgram Following, I’ve become such an Instagram addict! It’s pretty much replaced all use of Facebook for me, I just love looking at photos and seeing what people are up to. I tend not to follow huge Instagram accounts as I find them a little impersonal, so I thought I’d run through some of my favourite blogger accounts! Though trust me there are many more than just this list, look out for a part 2 soon!

Unlocking Kiki

Unlocking Kiki

I love Kaelenes blog and I adore her instagram! She lives in Iceland and it is seriously stunning. It reminds me so much of New Zealand and I love seeing her snaps of the gorgeous natural wonderland. She also have such a skill at capturing colours and her photos of the leaves in the fall have been amazing.

Little Miss Katy


Katy is like the serious Queen of the flat lay. I honestly admire her skills to take awesome pictures no matter where she goes. She gives me serious food envy 99% of the time and I am constantly attempting to take flat lays that will rival hers (though no success as of yet!!).

Snow in Tromso


Van is another where I am just obsessed with her scenery photos! She lives in Tromso in the Arctic circle so her photos are always full of stunning snow and leaves me dreaming of giant trips throughout Scandinavia.

Angie Silverspoon London


Angie always gives me serious life envy! Her Instagram is full of my favourite things – food and travel. She is always off on trips around the world and shares all her snaps including a whole lot of pics of gorgeous looking food! Her recent snaps from the sunshine in Bali have been lighting up my cold weekdays!

Mirandas Notebook


Mirandas instagram is always full of colour and life! I love her expressive snaps of areas in London, and I swear she is the best food photographer! Not only on her blog, but her recipe pics always look seriously delicious. I need to learn her ways!

The Peppermint Pencil


I adore Anyas photos on her blog and her Instagram is an awesome addition to that. She has such a skill in conveying mood in her photos, mainly of the outdoors throughout the UK, they always leave me dreaming of another land. She is also an amazing illustrator which peppers her feed throughout.

Let Us Wanderlust


Carly is just a ray of sunshine from the other side of the world! I adore her photos which are all so full of colour. Plus, she’s in summer now whilst we go into the depths of winter so it’s awesome to see sunny, bright blue skies.

So with all that inspiration, my Instagram is definitely getting there, you can check out my snaps from the top here!

Share your and your favourite blogging Instagram below, I’d love to find some more gorgeous photos to stare at!

JC xx

PS It will be my birthday when this goes live! Woo, bring on 24 🙂

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