JC Chats: My Winter Essentials!

November 26, 2015

Photo 28-10-2015, 7 32 50 a.m.

With the turn of the weather this weekend and snow falling around the country, I feel like we have finally hit winter. I am more of a cold lover and have been enjoying it so far, with the cozy evenings and warm duvets. I’ve purchased a few bits recently which have really helped me transition into winter, I hope these will help you embrace the colder season!

Fluffy PJs

As soon as it started getting a little chilly, I knew it was time for some new cozy PJs. I wandered down to Primark and picked up these awesome fluffy snowflake PJs. Not only are they super soft and warm, but they are winter-y rather than Christmas-y meaning I don’t feel silly wearing them in November. Ideal. I may also grab something from the No. 1 authority for Onesies for the extra warmth if needed, too!


Photo 14-11-2015, 10 57 07 a.m.

I got sent a couple of festive fragrance candles* from House of Fraser and I love them! There is nothing which makes me feel more cozy in winter than lighting some candles. Especially with it getting dark so early, at about 4pm every day I’m home, I draw the curtains and get the candles lit. It’s a really enjoyable way to transition into the evening. I chose the White Christmas fragrance which is light and fresh. The candles themselves are really high quality and just look at how beautiful they are! I love the snow flakes along with the festive silver leaves.

Photo 12-11-2015, 3 09 21 p.m.

Festive Shower Gels

I’m obsessed with Body Shop Shower Gels at the best of times, but the festive scents are always the best! My friends and family know me too well and I received the frosted plum, frosted cranberry and frosted apple shower gels for my birthday. Not only do they smell amazing, but they also throw a whole lot of scent off so it always leaves the flat smelling awesome.

Photo 25-11-2015, 12 57 53 p.m.

Chai Tea

I do enjoy chai tea, but it never feels right to be in the summer. I picked up the teapigs Chai blend recently and it is gorgeous, full of cinnamon and spice. I prefer the tea to a chai latte as it is isn’t as heavy. An ideal evening cuppa for when it’s particular cold.

Soups and Stews

I’m really obsessed with soups and stews at the moment. It’s like all I want to eat is warm bowls of mince, beans and veges. My black bean soup has been on the menu quite a lot, along with some pork, black bean and sweet potato chilly which is just epic.

What are your winter essentials?

JC xx

*I received some candles from House of Fraser for this post, but of course, if I don’t love it then I wouldn’t blog it!

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