JC London Eats #3: Rossopomodoro + Frankie & Bennys

November 1, 2015

Photo 12-10-2015, 8 33 28 p.m.

Time for another round of delicious eating! This time I tried a couple of chains down the road from me at Southside in Wandsworth. I went to Frankie and Bennys with Katy, then a couple weeks later headed to Rossopomodoro as they have 20% off with a cineworld ticket – ideal!

Frankie and Bennys Wandsworth

Ever since the Indian diner in Southside shut, I was keen to see what it would be replaced with – and the new Frankie and Bennys looks great! With open windows on the side, along with an extra seating area in the middle of the forecourt, it is a great addition to the restaurants near the cinema. I had previously been to F&Bs a couple of months prior and wasn’t hugely impressed, so I was keen to see what this one would be like!

Photo 12-10-2015, 7 27 57 p.m.

Luckily, we had a fabulous time! They are doing happy hour at the moment from 5-7pm with £3.50 cocktails – so good and such a bargain. I had a delicious cosmo, followed by a G+T! For starters we sprung for the garlic mozzarella pizza bread – essentially a super thing pizza base covered with garlic butter and a sprinkle of cheese. It had been a long Monday so I very much enjoyed this! It was the perfect size for a shared starter.

I am trying to be on a bit of a health kick so I sprung for a salad for my main, unfortunately they were out of salmon so I went for the calamari as an addition instead. The squid was soft and not rubbery at all, combined with crunchy lettuce and a really light dressing, it was a delicious main. Katy sprung for the pizza which she confirmed was a good choice!

Overall, I much preferred this visit to F&Bs, I will definitely be back for the happy hour and I’m glad we have this addition just down the road.

Rossopomodoro Wandsworth

Photo 25-10-2015, 8 11 53 p.m.

(Apologies for the photo, the lighting was atrocious and I only had the phone!)

Another one we had been meaning to go to for awhile, but we finally made it down before we went to see The Martian so we could get 20% off. The decor inside is lovely, full of rustic charm and you can see beside the window and people watch – ideal.

Again, I’m still trying to pick some healthier options so I researched before hand some options. For starters, we shared the Bruschetta. For some reason I’m not a fan of whole tomatoes but once chopped up with some basil, oil and seasoning it is just to die for. It tasted like it was on garlic toasts as well, I could’ve eaten many more of these!

Photo 25-10-2015, 8 11 28 p.m.

We both went for the Leggara pizza which was their 500 calorie option, and boy it was good! I was honestly so surprised it was 500 cals, but I’m guessing it was because of the buffalo ricotta on top rather than covered in cheese. It also had ham, rocket and sundried tomatos, and even though it was the lower cal option, I was totally stuffed by the end of it – such a great option.

Overall, another really great option and one we will definitely be going back to before we go to the cinema again.

Where have you been for dinner recently?

JC xx

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