JC London Eats #4: Dinerama

November 20, 2015

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A whole lot of street food, amazing cocktails and a warm place to sit? Yes please! Twice in the past couple months I have made the trek across London to Dinerama, in Shoreditch. I actually meant to write this post awhile ago, but I thought Dinerama was closing so decided it wasn’t worth it. However, I soon found out that it was coming back with a roof and heaters for the Winter!

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Dinerama is part of Street Feast, a variety of street market vendors, all together in a large arena in Shoreditch. There are around 12 food vendors and 4 bars all serving a variety of foods, and I’ve made the effort to try and get a taste from as many as the shops as possible. I usually steer away from some pop ups and street food in London as I’m always worried it’s going to be so packed that it won’t be worth it, but both times I’ve been to Dinerama, it’s been awesome! There are of course a few queues at some of the shops, but I’ve always been served quickly and have always been able to find a nice seat under a heater, ideal.

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Now, onto the food. We started out at Breddos, the Mexican offering, as really I can’t pass up tacos! They are 3 types, pork, beef and buttermilk chicken. We sprang for the beef and buttermilk chicken and they were served on a squid ink taco. And they were delicious! Crispy chicken and melt in the mouth shortrib, creamy mayo and covered in a spicy salsa – everything you need for an amazing taco.

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Next, my new obsession – yum buns. These soft pillows of buns surrounding a flavour packed meat and veges. We went for the pork and prawn offering, both lashed with hoisin sauce and spicy sriracha. I got these both times I visited Dinerama, the second time going for their new duck offer which was everything it needed to be!

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More meat followed, after reading reviews of Dinerama, I knew I had to try Smokestak, the BBQ stall which emanated such amazing smells. I went for the pork rib which was just incredible, falling off the bone and covered in smokey BBQ sauce. You definitely need to try if you visit!

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On my second visit I decided to try a couple new places, starting with the calamari for the Cheeky Italian. It was definitely nice, the squid soft and not at all chewy but it didn’t have the flavour punch that some of the other stalls had. Their crab mac and cheese did sound incredible though!

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Finally, some of my friends sprung for You Doughnut! serving bite sized doughnuts covered in salted caramel or chocolate sauce. I may have stolen one, and they were everything they should be! Soft, warm, covered in cinnamon and sugar and I could definitely eat an entire pot of them.

Overall, just a really awesome London offering which I’m really glad I ended up going to. If you’re in London in the run up to Christmas then definitely try and get up to Old Street and go in for a bite to eat!

Have you been to many pop ups or street food festivals? Anywhere you can recommend for me?

JC xx

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