JC Travels: 36 Hours in Chicago

November 7, 2015


A few weeks ago, I was very excitingly told that in only a couple of weeks, I would need to spend a few days over the channel, in the lovely Chicago! I had been to Chicago previously when I was about 15, and definitely enjoyed it, so I was excited to head back and do a bit more exploring. I was tempted to explore with more people (and not just myself). I even though about getting a coach bus chicago to fit us all in and get us to the places we needed! But, I decided to keep it more low key until I’m more familiar with Chicago. I’ll save the group tour for another day. Now I just need to find time for myself. Though I would be working for the majority of the week, I flew in on Saturday to give myself some time to adjust before hitting the ground running on Monday. This gave me 36 hours to really explore the city!

My work office was in the industrial side of town, quite a ways out of downtown. Luckily I got to take the L (E.R anyone?!) directly into downtown. Pretty much as soon as I landed I jumped on the train to head into the city. After living in America for 18 months when I was a teen, it was awesome to be back. I do love me the American culture and cities, it definitely brought back a whole lot of nostalgia!


Once I got into the city, I had a bit of a wander, going to see the famous Chicago bean. Apparently it’s actually meant to be a cloud, but it is definitely a bean. The skyline of Chicago is fabulous, with all the skyscrapers, so I love seeing the bean with all the buildings reflected back into it. As it was a Saturday afternoon, there were so many people getting their wedding photos done in it as well!

After a quick wander round to Walgreens, CVS and Macy’s, the tiredness was starting to kick in, so I jumped back on the train and made my way to the hotel to meet my work friends for dinner.


On Sunday, we were keen to get a whole day in exploring the city. We jumped back on the L into Chicago and had a walk through Grant and Millenium Park in the centre of Chicago. As there was a big hockey game on in the city that day, it was full of sports fans. I quite like this as it just feels so American!


Emma had given me the recommendation of going up the John Hancock Observatory to the 93rd floor to get a cocktail. Chicago is full of skyscrapers and what better way to see them and the lake ahead then up ridiculously high! Surprisingly the fear of heights didn’t kick in as there were lots of other high buildings around. I ended up with a Moscow Mule and some stunning views across the city – Chicago definitely has a gorgeous view!


It was then time to do the most important thing we were going to do in Chicago – eat deep pan pizza! I must have had this before but could not remember, but I was so excited to get my teeth into a slice. Although the menu did say that one pizza would feed 2, we did decide to get one each, such a mistake! I mean it looks huge but in reality is even bigger, a huge thick base, mounds of cheese mixed with chicken and garlic broccoli then topped with tomato sauce. It was probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had but by the 2nd slice I was already stuffed!


Once we had stuffed ourselves, we rolled back to the hotel before I started back to work the next day. The remaining 5 days of the trip were mainly full of work, but I did manage to get some more delicious meals in there – a Johnny Rockets burger, an evening at the Crab Shack and another slice of deep pan pizza!


Overall, a quick but enjoyable trip to Chicago, I’m glad I got to see the city again and I can’t wait to go back to the States (hopefully next year!).

Have you been to Chicago?

JC xx

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