JC Travels: 5 Things to Do on a Long Weekend in Copenhagen

November 25, 2015

Photo 31-10-2015, 12 37 28 p.m.Following on from all the food which I chatted about in my last Copenhagen post, we did actually get up to more than just eating! Copenhagen itself is a gorgeous city and I was so glad we went, I loved the whole vibe of the city, it was very modern and progressive. It is renowned for being overly expensive, I definitely think you can keep your costs low over a long weekend with plenty of reasonably priced hotels in Copenhagen that will be to your tastes! Here are the top 5 things to do in a long weekend in Copnhagen!

Copenhagen Free Walking Tour

I really enjoy the free tours which you can do all over Europe, the idea being that you then tip what you think the tour is worth, this ends up in the tour guide always being very good as they are working just for those tips. We did the 90 minute Classical Copenhagen Tour which went through the centre of Copenhagen.

Photo 31-10-2015, 10 09 52 a.m.

Roger, our guide, was great as he took us through the centre of Copenhagen down small streets and winding lanes. I didn’t know much of Danish history so it was very interesting to hear about it especially as I didn’t know that Britain had bombed the city during the war. Copenhagen itself is full of town squares surrounded with Danish architecture which is heavily inspired by Holland. I really enjoyed the general look of Copenhagen, full of colourful buildings (an instagram dream!).

Photo 31-10-2015, 1 25 09 p.m.

We ended the tour by going past the Rosenberg Palace which was stunning with the Autumn leaves and stopping at the Torvehallerne, where I ate a delicious open faced sandwich! Overall, the ideal tour to learn more about Copenhagen but budget friendly and fits in well when you are only visiting over a weekend.


I swear when you google Copenhagen, this is what you get pictures of! Nyhavn is a piece of canal with ships, boats and a lot of picturesque buildings surrounding it. I definitely recommend you get a wander and some pictures as it is lovely. This was definitely the only area of Copenhagen which actually felt ‘touristy’ to me, so we didn’t stick around to eat but I definitely enjoyed the wander.

Photo 31-10-2015, 1 44 04 p.m.


Tivoli is like an old school theme park in the middle of Copenhagen. It’s full of rollercoasters, restaurants and local shops and games, and oh my does it dress itself up well! As we were there for halloween, they had gone the whole hog with their decorations, from witches brooms underneath the swings, to pumpkins EVERYWHERE. Honestly, even if you don’t want to go on any rides, it’s worth going here to wander through and see the decorations. I do recommend going after dark and I bet the Christmas decorations are going to be EPIC.

Photo 01-11-2015, 10 33 28 p.m.


On the small island to the South of Copenhagen is a settlement called Christiania, essentially it is an anarchist state where around 850 people live. They have been settled there for years and even have their own unique laws. They have since developed into a kind of tourist attraction, where you can wander through the village, full of odd art and anti-capitalist sentiments. They also have a very dodgy ‘green zone’ where they openly sell drugs out of little huts. It is a really odd experience, but one I do recommend to see something really different in Copenhagen. Plus it isn’t as dodgy as it sounds, we felt very safe the whole time we were there, you can even buy Christiania souvenirs!

Photo 01-11-2015, 11 10 47 a.m.


By far, one of my favourite things to do in Copenhagen was to eat!! I wrote a whole post about the Copenhagen food if you fancy a read.

Overall, I loved Copenhagen. It has such an enjoyable buzz and culture within the city. I think a long weekend is an ideal amount of time to spend there, plus it stops it getting too pricey.

Where do I need to go to next in Scandinavia?

JC xx

Top 5 Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark - Travel Inspiration - Jasmin Charlotte

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