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November 10, 2015

As we all know, I love me some food tours! I think it’s the ideal way to see a new city whilst learning about the culture and trying a whole lot of delicious food and drink. When I knew we were coming to Edinburgh for a couple of days, I figured this was the best time to get myself booked onto a food tour for our first day – with eat walk Edinburgh.

We drove down from the Cairngorms in the morning before squeezing the car into a city car park and wandering off through the narrow Edinburgh streets. It was my first time to the city since I was very young and I instantly loved it! The architecture is stunning. We met the group for the tour at Hotel Du Vin in the whisky snug – such a cozy and welcoming place! Hotel du vin is a group which take old buildings and transform them into hotels and restaurants – this one used to be the Edinburgh mental asylum! We had a tour of the building, hearing all about the history of the area and the infamous body snatchers before settling down. Our first course was some amazing Scottish smoked salmon. I do love smoked salmon and this was ideal – soft and almost melted in the mouth!

We headed on our way after this towards the city centre, we had our nifty headsets which meant as we walked through the streets we heard all about the history of the city, the castle and how the streets were named and made. Edinburgh is such an old city and I love how it is laid out all surrounding the castle on several layers. We walked past the writers walk and onto a bar and restaurant overlooking the new town. Here we had our first taste of Edinburgh gin – delicious and flavoured with raspberry, combined with prosecco was a perfect cocktail! We also had some famous Stornaway black pudding which I loved. One of the best things about Scotland was all the local producers making exceptional food.

We continued our walk down into the new town where it is more commercial but also has some huge Georgian architecture, mansions back in the day. We stopped off at the Scotch Malt Whisky society and had you guessed it, whisky! I didn’t think I liked whisky, always finding it too strong and burny for me. However, I did find out that by cutting it ever so slightly with some spring water was ideal – all the flavour and none of the burn.

We combined our Whisky with the traditional dish of haggis, neeps and tatties. We had had haggis previously in fort William so were looking forward to it – but even those in the group who were wary had to admit that it was delicious. All the bowls were completely finished!

From here, our next stop was a gem – an old church which had be transformed into a French wine bar! The building itself was amazing, high ceilings and a huge bar. We settled in to try some wine along with a big board of meats and cheeses – probably my ideal meal. We loved it here so much that we returned the next day – definitely an awesome stop if you are in Edinburgh.
Our final stop was that of dessert! Heading to a local Edinburgh pub we savoured the Scottish dessert of cranachan – think a Eton mess but then add onto that oats, honey and whisky and you’ve got it!
Overall, we had such a fabulous time on the tour. The food was so good and it was great to try so many local Scottish made fair. The tour also combined so much Edinburgh history which always makes me happy. If you are in Edinburgh for a couple of days then make sure this is on your list!

It was now time for our last day in Scotland, our day exploring the rest of Edinburgh is coming soon…

Have you done a food tour?
JC xx

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