JC updates: 10 Happy Things #22

November 5, 2015


Phew! I’m writing this whilst we are delayed at the airport on our way back to London. Always is the way that when you want to get home, it’s always delayed – but at least it gives me some uninterrupted blogging time! November is looking like it’s going to be a packed month, not only with work but it’s also my birthday and one of my best friends from New Zealand is coming to visit for 5 days. All very exciting! Onto the happy things… [Update, I did make it home, though 4 hours late, silly fog!]

1 A long weekend in Copenhagen! I’ll be writing some full posts about what we got up but we just had a lovely weekend in gorgeous Copenhagen, I went with Paul along with my sister and her boyfriend and it was awesome to spend some time together on hols! The city itself was beautiful, and of course we ate all the delicious food.

2 The beauty of silence. I spent a whole lot of the last week curled up on the sofa with a bout of laryngitis. I’ve had laryngitis before and essentially I loose my voice completely for a few days. It is a bit rubbish but it’s actually a good time to sit and do some good listening to others!

3 Netflix and reading. Along with the silence, as I hadn’t really been going out at all for the week I did get a good chance to binge watch some awesome Netflix and get into some good books. It’s going to be an awesome what to watch, read and listen to this month! (Spoiler: obsessed with how to get away with murder!).


4 Garnier Purifying clearing wipes. I’ve been really struggling with some annoying spots and blackheads on my forehead because of my fringe, I’ve started pinning it back a lot but I also started using these wipes which have really helped to get my skin looking much better. It’s still not back to normal but it is on the way!

5 Life balance. If you haven’t noticed I have been painfully busy for the past few months with work, blog and life. I really needed to sit and start to balance these out as I was feeling really stressed. I’ve decided to stop my blog advertising until next year just to take a bit of that pressure off. I love having other blogs on my sidebar but I want them to get the most out of it and that means a lot of time and effort into my blog. I was managing to balance it but I think having a couple months off will make it easier to balance with life in the last 2 busy months of the year.


6 Beautiful flowers! The lovely people over at Appleyard London sent me a big bunch of Autumn blooms which I’m pretty obsessed with. Purples are some of my favourite shades especially with the lilac. They are a fantastic flower delivery company and I already have plans to use them again to send some flowers soon! (I also have a discount code:BLOG33 if you fancy 33% off!)

7 Cosy loungewear and sleepwear. I dragged myself to the chemist last week to get some bits for my throat and as Primark is opposite, I popped in to buy some new jogging bottoms as they were my uniform for the week! I bought some fluffy snowflake ones which I’m obsessed with. I had a look for some new pyjamas but I couldn’t find any that took my fancy. I’ll probably end up ordering some Pure Mulberry Silk Sleepwear since I’ve heard that silk pyjamas are super comfy and luxurious! I just love being cosy!

8 Pork, black bean and sweet potato chilli. Enough said. Delicious. I need to take some pictures next time to pop them on the blog!

9 Twitter Chats. I haven’t managed to get into a Twitter chat for months, but finally managed to catch a couple in the past week. I did get a bit sick of them but after that break it’s nice to jump back in and get chatting to some bloggers.

10 Last but certainly not least, WE WON THE WORLD CUP! I was so happy to watch the All Blacks surge to victory against Australia. We watched it in a packed pub in Copenhagen and the atmosphere was just amazing. 4 more years!

What has made you happy this week?

JC xx

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