JC Updates: My Christmas Bucket List

November 12, 2015

Christmas Bucket List

I really enjoyed doing my Summer bucket list, so I thought I would continue on and do something for the colder months of the year. I do tend to hibernate a bit in Winter which to me is a bit of a good thing, a time to rest and save some money for the warmer months. So I’ve tried to pick a range of things which will push me out of the duvet zone and keep me busy in the run up to Christmas!

1 Go to the theatre. Carried over from the Summer list, I still need to go to the theatre! I have theatre tokens which need to be used soon so I will get there. Give me your recommendations!

2 Go to two Christmas markets! Not just one, but two – I’m having Christmas in Manchester so I think I should be able to get to those and hopefully some in London as well, let me know your favourite markets I should visit!

3 Cook a whole Christmas dinner. I’m responsible for the starters on Christmas day, but before we head up to Manchester I want to have a little London Christmas party where I cook the whole thing. I do love cooking but I don’t do it enough but when I know I have people coming round, I will go all out.



4 Do something charitable. Not decided exactly what this will be yet, whether some form of charity fitness event or just some form of regular donation but I want to do something charitable to wrap up the end of the year.

Go to a festive afternoon tea. I haven’t been to an afternoon tea in too long! But I know there are a whole heap of good festive ones which will be on the menu soon so I want to try and get to one before Christmas hits.

6 Go Ice Skating. I’ve only been ice skating once years ago but there are so many great rinks in London that I really want to go again and actually try and do some good skating.

7 Complete some home made gifts. I always make a few hand made bits for Christmas as it’s all about the thought right? I’ve been so busy recently, general sewing and crafting has fallen by the wayside so I really want to get a few things finished by the end of the year!

Whats on your Christmas bucket list?

JC xx

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