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November 22, 2015

5 Tips to Drive traffic to your archive - blogging tips - Jasmin Charlotte

We all know the feeling, we write really awesome blog posts which sometimes get lots of love, for them to just fade into the distance to be swamped by new posts. Especially as your blog grows older and there are more and more posts on it, sometimes it can feel like most of them will never be read! This leads to a recent effort for me to try and improve traffic to these old posts and find an easy way to ensure they are still read. Hopefully with a few easy tips, this will help drive traffic to your archive.

1 Make your archive easy to navigate

The whole problem with archives is that naturally as your posts build up, they become a bit of a mess. I especially found this as I changed a lot of my topics, started and stopped series and all that jazz. It may be one of the most boring blog admin jobs but going back through your posts, making sure they are categorized correctly, and with the right tags can be really useful. This means when someone wants to read all your posts on a certain topic, they can easily click and find them.

Bonus tip for this is to make sure you have a search bar!! Otherwise it is almost impossible to find that awesome post you read on someones blog three weeks ago. Pop it on the sidebar or at the top, it will become useful.

2 Create round up posts


You may have seen recently, I’ve been posting a few roundups – like this one with all my tech tips, and this one with all my adventures. These posts are really helpful, not only is it a really easy post to put together, but it pretty much just leads the reader to start browsing your archive and get reading. I also like doing ‘top post’ round ups, I usually do one every year with my most read posts.

3 Use your side bar

Although I’ve been meaning to update mine for months (now I’m waiting for my blog redesign at the end of the year) putting links to your top posts on your side bar is ideal. You can link to collections or specific posts which you think will grab the readers eye. I also enjoy using the ‘top posts’ widget which shows popular posts and gives the reader something to immediately click on whilst they read your new posts.

4 Cross link within the post 

You may have noticed but I’ve started to cross link my own blog in pretty much every single post. You can see up there, linking to my round ups but even just general posts which relate to the subject I’m talking about are handy. I also really like the related posts plug in which appears at the bottom of all your posts and is a quick way of seeing other posts without actually even needing to do anything!

5 Get sharing 


Sharing your archive can be a pain, for twitter I do it in two ways, first through the ‘Revive Old Post‘ plug in. Using this, you can specify which sections you want to tweet about and how often, then it will automatically send tweets out at set times. You can also set any hashtags to be included in each post. Pretty handy.

I also really like the ‘rebuffer’ action on buffer, you can see which of your tweets gets the most click throughs and then click to send them again. I usually scroll through and find any of my top tweets then get them lined up to post again. If you do pay the subscription then you can also filter by popular tweets making it even easier to find them!

Katy also recently told me about Meet Edgar, and although I haven’t used it myself yet, it sounds like a very effective way of streamlining and getting an excellent archive of tweets to drive traffic to your posts.

Also if you wrote a really effective post awhile ago before you began using a particular social network, give it a revamp then get sharing! I really want to go back to some of my old posts, create a pinnable graphic and get sharing on pinterest.

What do you do to drive traffic to your archive?

JC xx

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