JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #25

December 11, 2015

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Is December going as quickly for you as it is for me?! It always seems to be the way with those awesome months of the year. My December so far has been a really enjoyable mix of getting out and about, but also spending some really nice quality time at home. I’m off on Tuesday up to Manchester, then off to Gran Canaria so I won’t actually be home for around a month. I’m making the most of it now!

Here are some happy bits from the last week, do let me know what your happy moments have been in the comments below, or do send me a tweet!

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1 My Yankee Candle Advent. I mentioned this in my last post as it is my first proper advent calendar (my parents did try and convince me that the paper one I had as a child was a real advent, but if you don’t get a little present everyday then it isn’t a real one!!). But I’ve actually been really enjoying it!

I’ve been working from home a bit this month so it’s been such a highlight to wake up, open my new candle, then get it burning. The tea lights last so much longer than I expected, pretty much burning all day. My flat has been smelling divine. I also bought this tea light holder from Not on the High Street and I think it looks so pretty.

2 The Book of Mormon. Paul was lovely enough to buy me tickets to the BOM for my birthday and we went to see it last week. I really enjoyed it, it has a whole heap of catchy songs and definitely produced quite a few giggles. It is very much the humour of South Park, so if you enjoy that then this will be the play you need to see this year!

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3 Festive shopping. I took a trip to Fortnum and Masons to buy a few Christmas gifts this week. I love Fortnums, it is probably my favourite shop in London, it always has such gorgeous decorations, along with all the awesome food. I think I only have a couple of gifts left to buy, I’ve got all the wrapping supplies, so a big wrapping session will happen this weekend.

4 A few little treats. As it is December and I’ve been working out a lot recently, I’ve been a bit more relaxed on my snacking – having a wee bit of chocolate! I’ve been loving mini packets of buttons, but my sister also bought me the Festive H box from Hotel Chocolat, which is so good. Each chocolate is a festive flavour, from mince pie to cranberry eton mess. I’m working my way through these steadily.

5 Working out. Linking to the above, shockingly, I’ve been really enjoying working out recently. We have joined the new Easygym down the road which is a really pleasant gym to work out in. Paul and Sam have both been helping me do some weight exercises and I’ve been alternating gym sessions with some at home yoga. I’m still obsessed with all things Yoga with Adrienne, her weight loss series especially is really effective.

6 The new phone!! This will probably feature every week but the new phone is still a highlight of my week. I’ve finally got a clear case and a screen protector on it, so I feel like I can actually take it out of the house now. I’ve also set up the whole fingerprint thing which still makes me feel really satisfied every time I unlock my phone.

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7 Courgetti Spaghetti. I noticed in the Tescoes near us that they started selling Courgetti Spaghetti! I was so excited as I still haven’t got round to buying a spiralizer. I am obsessed with courgette (my courgette lasagne is a real fave), so these were the ideal alternative to spaghetti. I served them with some rosemary meatballs and a tomato / red pepper sauce and it was delicious.

8 Serial. Season 2 of Serial started yesterday. I will chat more about  it in my next podcast post!

9 Our 2 year anniversary, I gushed a bit more in my post about our trip to the First Dates restaurant, but my anniversary with Paul was definitely the highlight of the week!

10 I’ve been enjoying reading these festive posts this week:

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JC xx



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