JC Tech: 7 Posts you Must Read When you Need a Blog Reboot

December 13, 2015

7 Posts to Read When you need a blogging reboot - inspiration to relight your blogging fire! - Blogging Tips - Jasmin Charlotte

So, I mentioned on a few posts that I’m planning on a bit of a blog overhaul over the festive period. I’m so happy that I did start a blog but I think it is time to have a little refresh! I have 3 weeks off and as lot of it will be lounging around with the family, it should give me enough time to decide exactly what I want. In preparation for that, I’ve been doing a whole lot of reading around brands, aspects I want to change and other blogging bits that I’ve found really interesting. I’ve come across different Content Management Systems (CMS), such as the one Sitecore offer, and they could be really helpful. If you are wondering what is Sitecore and CMS then let me explain. They help you manage your content which includes testing it and even automating it so it can be delivered to your desired audience even if you are busy doing something else. That being said, there are other ways you can boost your blog under your own steam. I’ve put a little round up of the posts which I’ve found the most handy, ’cause you know, there are some epic blogs out there and it’s good to learn from the best!

1 The Nectar Collective – How to Write a Killer About Me Page

My About Me page has been severely neglected in the past year, as it is always a wee bit awks to write about yourself. But it is one of the most important pages on the blog as it is where a lot of people click first. I want something which reflects me, tells you all the important goss and is somehow entertaining. Watch this space!

2 The Branded Solopreneur – 7 Essential Ingredients for Branding a Blog

I’ve talked a little about blog branding awhile ago. It’s a space I’m still working on, and one which I really want to improve. Maybe I’ll make some physical marketing materials with help from a company like Kaizen Print to use alongside my online branding to increase my brand identity. I definitely think you can tell when a blog has a really strong brand, and I can always recognize specific blogs when I see them across social media. I’m hoping I can get this a bit more with a redesign, and give some more thought to my fonts!

3 Income Diary – Things to Remove from your Blog

Once you have had your blog for awhile, you know that things start to build up! By some unknown way, there are over 300 posts now on Jasmin Charlotte, and they are desperately in need of a spring clean. I’ll be making my way through this list and getting rid of a whole lot of broken links, bad juju and unused bits and pieces.

4 By Regina – 20 Ways to Make your Brand Stand Out

Not only does this have ways to make your blog stand out, but it just has a whole list of blog things that I need to do. I want to create a blog graphic template, I want to get the blog reviewed, reassess my categories and a whole host of other things. Graphics are definitely one thing I want to focus on this year. If you’re a blogger just starting out, or are not so good with the technical/design stuff, then you can consider taking professional help! You can get it from companies like The Web Designer Cardiff that can help you out with the web design to make your blog and brand visually more appealing and a load of other stuff. I did get somewhere with that this year, but it mainly links to the next post…


5 Clean and Scentsible – How to Increase your Pinterest Followers and Drive Traffic to your Blog

I would say 2015 for me was the year of the Instagram, now I’m officially saying that 2016 is going to be the year of Pinterest! I keep going up and down with Pinterest but I want to give it a good whack and see how I get on with it. I know a big thing is creating those pinworthy pics and graphics so they are both high on my to do list.

6 Jen Carrington – A 30 Day Challenge to Show your Blog some Love

Although I’m not going to have 30 days to work through this, I do want to highlight some of them and get thinking about them. I enjoy the focus on content and planning out your strategy and vision for the year ahead. Although I’ve no plans of changing my niche, it will still be good to think about the ‘big picture’ for once.

7 Elle and Company – 10 Ways to Make Your Blog Content Stronger

Elle’s blog is one of my staples so there is a whole host of ones I could have linked here. However, I had a read through and thought this one encompassed a lot of things I am considering – mainly things like post length (I do want to focus on less frequent, more meatier posts), and about how to make your blog tone more conversational.

So there we have it, a heap of blog posts which have been inspiring. Now let’s just hope that I end up having the time to input some of the changes here on Jasmin Charlotte in the future!

Do you have any blog goals for next year?

JC xx

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