JC Chats: What to Watch, Read and Listen to – January 2016

January 28, 2016

What to Watch, Read and Listen to - Jasmin CharlotteWoo, it’s good to be back and writing a series I really enjoy! I had a whole lot of relaxation time in the few weeks I had off work, which of course means a whole lot of watching, reading and listening. I’ve also decided to set myself a few goals in regards to this area for the rest of the year:

– Read 30 books – last year was 40 and I was tempted to do it again but I feel as though without the commute at the moment, it is a bit harder to get the books stacked up.

– Try one new podcast a week – I love podcasts and there are so many amazing ones out there. I want to try an episode of one new podcast a week, mainly so I can find some new awesome ones to share with you!

– Less TV time – actually this is kind of the opposite to the top two, but I want to be more mindful with my TV time. I can spend way too many an hour watching Come Dine with Me – something I need to cut down on.


Making a Murderer

As if you guys need one more recommendation of this! But hey, here it is – the 10 part Netflix series covering the case of Steven Avery. A man who was originally wrongly convicted then convicted again of murder. It follows his twists and turns over a 10 year period including 3 episodes on the court case itself.

It is a really compelling watching, and if you were a fan of season 1 of Serial then something which will be right up your street – around wrongful convictions and finding the truth. It’s definitely binge watch material and we got through the series in a couple of days.

However, always take what you watch with a grain of salt. The film makers have a very strong bias in this, which I think is likely correct but if you read into the evidence for this case yourself, then some of it does present a different story.

Yoga with Adrienne

I mentioned this quite a bit in my On Accepting Yourself post, but I’m doing yoga camp at the moment and love it. Adriennes style of yoga is so relaxing whilst also building strength and positivity. She has a whole heap of yoga on her channel, so heaps of places to start if you are a newbie.

Yoga camp is 30 days of yoga, with a different practice each day – varying in length from 25 minutes to an hour. They all build on top of each other but I don’t do them every day – preferring to make them last longer by doing a few a week.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We finally got around to seeing the new Star Wars movie! I’ve always been a fan of the others, and after convincing Paul to get caught up, we were really excited to see the new installment.

And to be honest, it was everything I’d hope it would be. All the nostalgia of the first 6 films in terms of characters, but also taking a new spin on it. The two main characters of Rae and Fin were awesome, and I liked that they had mixed things up and actually had a female jedi. This along, with a few well placed jokes, some heart wrenching scenes and an awesome soundtrack really made it. If you’ve been debating on whether to see it, then definitely get down to the movies!



Blood Song – Anthony Ryan

Ahh, you know one of those books which just is so awesome, you don’t really want it to end? This is the ultimate. Well if you are into epic fantasy books then it is. This is the first in the Raven Song trilogy and centres around Vaelin Al Sorna, a warrior in the realm.

It is a little Game of Thrones-y, but the books are actually enjoyable to read (I’m not a fan of Martin’s writing style). But it focuses on a huge realm, clans and wars, a whole heap of characters, but you can definitely follow them, and a few magical gifts thrown in too. It’s addictive reading and I have really bought into the story. I can’t wait to read the second two books (though I have seen on Amazon that the reviews aren’t as good as the first, but I really hope not!).

Holy Island (A DCI Ryan Mystery) – L J Ross

I read this and the second in the series, Sycamore Gap over the Christmas period as a couple of light reads. They are based in the North East of England, around Newcastle. They centre on DCI Ryan, a detective investigating some cult murders. He is the typical hulky detective and the books are quite procedural, however, they are still a quick and enjoyable read.


Filler: a creative industries podcast

I thought I would try and listen to a couple of ‘blogging’ podcasts this month to see what’s out there. One which I came across is Filler. Each week, the pair interview a successful creative in some industry, from vlogging, blogging, writing and social media.

My favourite episode so far is the one where they interview a full time instagram-er. I found it really interesting as it has become really clear how much instagram has changed since it began, and that if you were lucky enough to be one of those beginning users, how it was a lot easier to grow a following. If you want something to inspire you, then this is a good podcast to start with.

What do you recommend to watch, read and listen to this month?

JC xx

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