JC Tech: The Bloggers Guide to using Buffer to Schedule Tweets

January 10, 2016

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Guys, I’m really into buffer. It’s not often that a website becomes totally essential as to how I promote my blog but it has actually happened. And trust me, I’ve tried quite a few scheduling tools, from hootesuite to tweetdeck, but it always comes back to Buffer. I’m not being sponsored to say this, promise, but buffer is awesome – easy to use, intuitive and it makes scheduling your tweets a breeze. So here we have it, the bloggers guide to using buffer to schedule tweets.

What should you be scheduling?

Firstly, a few tips I use for actually figuring out what to schedule:

1 I schedule around 5 times a day – around 8am, 11am, 3pm, 7.30pm and 10.30pm. These times work for me but may be different for you. Think about when your followers will be on twitter and if you constantly have a quiet time, then maybe move it to be a bit later. If you tweet a lot then you can probably get away with tweeting more, but I think you need to weigh up how much you normally tweet vs promotional tweets (I went on about this a bit in my recent Twitter Pet Peeves post).

2 In the tweet itself, include a bit of dialogue, not just the title of the blog along with a link. Ask a question, say what you’ve been thinking about or a quote from the post.

3 Include an image in every post. It’s so easy to include images in the tweet from the blog post itself. My tweets will always do better with an image as it will stand out more in your feed

4 If I post that day then my tweets will usually always be around that post, the days in between posts, I will mix it up from bits and pieces from the week. For older posts, I use the WP tweet old post plug in.

5 Don’t forget to schedule other social media bits! I also tweet my bloglovin link or my instagram every other day or so.

How to schedule with Buffer

buffer 1

Buffer itself is super easy, once you sign it and link your twitter account, you are faced with a few tabs. First we need to set up our tweeting schedule.

Buffer works in terms of a ‘queue’, you set the times and days you want to post, then every tweet you add is put in this queue. They will then be tweeted at the times you set. You can rearrange your queue quickly and can custom time your tweets too but normally, your tweets will be set out at the regular times you set up.

To sort the schedule, you do that in the ‘schedule’ tab. Simply click the ‘add posting time’ button and get setting up the times you want to share. If you want to tweet everyday then just make sure all the days of the week are highlighted in blue at the top.

buffer 2

Now don’t worry, we only need to do that bit once then we are set and ready to tweet. We can do this through the content tab. Just type your tweet into the box and add your direct link. When you add the link, it will automatically shorten it (that helps with our analytics), then it also shows you all the pictures in your post so you can easily click and add one. These then join your queue, you can see when the tweets are ready to go and click and drag to easily rearrange.

Buffer Analytics

buffer 3

So far, so good? We’ve got our tweets pushing out regularly. But now we need to see how the tweets themselves are doing. And for this, we use the Analytics tab. This shows all the tweets you have sent along with how many times they have been retweeted, liked, mentioned or clicked through. It also shows the reach of the tweet, so how many people would potentially see the tweet itself.

On the free version, it’s just a case of scrolling through and trying to see which tweets have done well (there is also a handy ‘top tweet’ sticker on those which worked the best). If you do choose to upgrade then you can start filtering to only see top tweets and get more analytical power.

How to Rebuffer

Right, so we have our top tweets, now what? Well now to my favourite feature of buffer – the ability to rebuffer. This is essentially sending out the tweets which have done well again, adding them to your queue.

This makes it really easy for those days when I’m not posting to just go through the analytics and throw some of the good tweets back out there. Sometimes I will amend the wording slightly or change the hashtags, but most of the time I just get them back out there.

This also works really well through the buffer app! I tend to schedule the tweets themselves when I’m on my laptop but if I’m out and having a really busy day, then I can easily open the app, rebuffer some tweets in a couple of minutes and I’m set then for the day.

So why bother?

Twitter is an awesome source of traffic for the blog, and if you are thinking of having a bit of a reboot in the new Year then either adding twitter in, or improving your twitter game can really help. With scheduling twitter is consistently my number 3 referral to my blog and always improving!

What do you use to schedule your tweets?

JC xx

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