JC Tech: The Great Youtube Detox

January 24, 2016

The Great Youtube Detox - Mindfulness and detox tips - Jasmin CharlotteNow, this may turn into a little bit of a rant, but nothing wrong with that right? I want to chat about Youtube. Mainly about how I’m detoxing my Youtube and cutting out a whole load of channels which don’t benefit me. I started the beginning of this brain dump in my post about accepting yourself, and getting rid of pressure and expectation.

This all started a few months ago, when I got really busy. I realised that the most precious thing we have in life is time. And that in reality, I don’t want to live by habit, but by intention. Yeah, a whole lot of jargon there but really, I just wanted to cut the things in my life which either don’t bring me happiness or don’t bring me knowledge in someway.

And then I realised something, I was spending way too much time watching crap on Youtube. Seriously. I seem to have over the years resulted in a huge amount of subscriptions, and when I actually sat down and looked at them, I realised that most just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

You see, there is a reason why I don’t follow a lot of big beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs, and it’s the same reason why I don’t read many magazines – I don’t just want to see your highlight reel. Those blogs which are so varnished and put together, I like a slightly off photo, a random rant, and someone eating a sneaky Macdonalds rather than a green, raw smoothie bowl. It’s what I like and what I relate to.

Then I realised that my Youtube was full of those things I avoid. Beauty gurus putting on expensive make up I wasn’t interested in, or filming picture perfect interiors, only showing things which wouldn’t look out of place on Pinterest.


And in reality, I don’t want these things. I want real people living and breathing and showing that it isn’t all daisies and rainbows. I want people who target their audience at my age rather than school or uni. I needed my Youtube to grow up really.

I can remember when I first joined YouTube, I did think about setting up my own channel filled with content similar to what you can find on my blog. One of my friends is quite a successful YouTuber, and she regularly posts amazing content that always racks up high numbers of views. Just the other day she told me that you can now use services such as Get Fans (check out their website here: https://getfans.io/buy-youtube-views) to increase your view count. I am not sure if I could possibly compete with some of the big personalities on YouTube, but it is definitely something I might look into in the future.

Then there was the whole load of people I was following on Youtube who I really didn’t like, but wanted to follow in some odd way of watch-hating. Tell me I’m not the only one here? Those who just annoy you but when they pop up in your subscription feed, you can’t help but click and watch. No benefit here at all.

Anyway, after all of that thinking, I decided it was time. I have steadily been detoxing other parts of my life, but it was time for the Great Youtube Detox. I seriously culled. I did an initial cull of going to my subscriptions and getting rid of any that no longer post or that I haven’t watched since I subscribed. I then steadily worked through my watch list, getting rid of people as I decided whether or not the channel either made me happy, or gave me some knowledge or benefit.

And you know, I don’t miss any of the channels I unsubscribed from. Before I did it, I thought that I’d wonder what those people were up to or what they were posting. But seriously, without that prompt from them appearing in my feed, I don’t even think of them. I’ve probably now been left with around 10 channels which I watch every now and again when I need something in the background for when I’m blogging.

If you have children, don’t forget to keep channels for them. They will most likely want to maintain their daily fix of sing-along songs.

So what channels have I kept?

Lily Pebbles – Lily mainly talks about beauty but with a whole lot of variation thrown in. I love Lilys vlogs especially as she is such a normal person! 28, engaged, living in London – she loves to have a good moan and I really appreciate that.

Ms Budget Beauty – Khila has 2 channels and both centre around beauty but she also puts up lots of vlogs and other bits. I love that she lives up North with 2 kids and shares all bits of her life from her ikea purchases to her messy car. So relateable.

A Model Recommends – I really love Ruths blog and channel, she is a model but is so down to earth and has just had a baby after a long infertility struggle. You can tell she just appreciates the little things.

Casey Neistat – A little different, Casey is a daily vlogger in NYC who runs the tech company Beme. His vlogs are seriously high quality, addictive and often have a message of motivation and pushing yourself out of the comfort zone.

Sorted Food – My foodie hit on Youtube, Sorted do a whole load of delicious looking recipes and the 4 guys are pretty hilarious. Laughs and benefit of yummy food all in one.

Yoga with Adrienne – Adrienne has just the best yoga channel, I love her yoga philosophy of finding what feels good. She gets me up on the mat at home a lot more than I would otherwise and I love her 30 days of yoga and 30 days of yoga bootcamp.

Marques Brownlee – My tech fix. Marques reviews new tech including phones, tablets and laptops. They are real high quality videos and ones that I really enjoy.

Phew, I’ll stop the rant now but do let me know what you feel about youtube, and whether you need to do a Youtube detox yourself?

JC xx

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