JC Tech: 7 Posts to Get you Out of a Blogging Slump

February 7, 2016

7 Posts to Read to get you out of a blogging slumo - inspiration to relight your blogging fire! - Blogging Tips - Jasmin Charlotte (1)

Now, put your hand up if you have gone through a blog slump? My hand is most definitely up. I’ve been writing here on this little space for almost 2 years now, and it without a doubt can be a right pain sometimes. The ideas don’t flow, I sit down to my laptop and end up procrastinating, stressing about missed schedules and average photos.

I was speaking to my friend who lives in Australia about this just the other day and she told me that redesigning her website helped her to feel inspired again. Web design has never really been her strong suit though and so she actually reached out to a website design company to take care of everything for her. You can take a look at the website for the design company that she chose here: go-creative.com.au.

Could your website do with a refresh? Perhaps you have fallen out of love with your current theme and style? It is no secret that in the competitive digital world, your website needs to stand out to attract potential readers. Not sure where to begin? Try searching online for a web design company in your area, and remember to compare your shortlist to this reviews profile on Indeed.co.uk for web design specialists such as WebCreationUK.

That being said, fear not, I find one of the best ways to pull myself out for the blogging slump, to get rid of those blogging blues, is to get reading. Get the inspiration flowing you know? So I browsed my Pinterest blogging tips board, when I pin loads of handy bits and bobs and found the posts that really help to get that fire burning. So there we have it, here are the 7 posts to get you out of a blogging slump.

The Nectar Collective – How To Generate Blog Post Ideas When It Feels like Your Brain is Broken

Melyssa is one of my absolute fave blogging meccas and she really hits it with this post. You know when you feel like your brain just isn’t producing any ideas? Yeah, well luckily she has some solutions! I totally agree that a big thing to fix about brain freeze is to just get out there and get experiencing things again. Whether your blog is about current affairs, or everything political, it may be worth having a read of this website to get some inspiration as seen on many political blogs

Plus taking inspiration from awesome bloggers and books is always handy too.

Through the Mirror – 80 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

Sometimes, there is only one thing you can do – and that is force you way through it! I always find that if I just force myself to sit down and start typing. Even if I only start with a vague idea, the post will eventually start to form. A lot of bloggers write these awesome lists of really great ideas to just get the spark. Just pick one, start typing and see where you end up. I have a whole Pinterest board dedication to content inspiration, so I can guarantee you will find something there!

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Torque Mag – Stop Stat Counting and Get Back to Your Blog

I think we can all relate that one of the main things that can cause your blog slump, is those sneaky stats. It can be a bit of an addiction to just have a peek, then start comparing to others. Suddenly, there’s no motivation to write anymore as you’ll never get as many followers as the next blog.

But you know what, we don’t blog for stats, we blog ’cause we love it! And a big thing in getting over that mindset is to stop stat counting and stop the comparison. This article for Torque mag has some really helpful ideas to help you stop the stat watching but still use your stats to help inspiration within your blog.


Get a Redesign – 10 Dos and Don’t of Blog Design

I’m not gonna lie guys, getting a redesign really helps with this whole writing thing. The blog just looks so lovely now after the redesign, that I just want to fill it with words and get it out there. And you don’t even need to get a whole overhaul like I did, there are a heap of little things you can do to spruce up the blog.

From just cleaning up your sidebar, to adding a new widget, to a new logo – they can all help in boosting that motivation. Plus if you do want a whole new blog then there are heaps of affordable designs on Etsy, or you can look at getting it coded yourself.

Jen Carrington – 5 Things to Try when you have a Blog Slump

Another post full of handy things to try when you need a bit of motivation. The one which really hit with me was just trying to make it fun again! Remember, there was always a reason you started blogging, find the joy which made you start and kept you writing. Write about something different, do something creative – just get the fun back again – you don’t want blogging to ever feel like a chore.

Pinterest Some Ideas-

Okay, so this isn’t a blog post but is something I’ve been doing recently. You’ll probably hear me harp on a bit about Pinterest as I’ve started getting really into it this month. But what I did was set up a private board where I pin blog posts that have inspired me. They may be about a particular topic which I think I can take a spin on, or just a new way of presenting a post. When you blog a lot about tech and travel, it can be good to see different ways to approach similar kinds of posts.

Start Something New –

And the best option of all to relight the blogging spark – just try something new. When I blogged beauty, I would soon fall into a whole heap of blog slumps. I took a different spin and started writing lifestyle and travel, and hey, I’m still here almost 2 years later. You just need to find the thing that’s easiest to blog about, if you’re a sporty person then start a Sports blog, if you enjoy fashion then why not start a fashion blog? Whether it’s a new niche or just a new spin on something you have been doing, then give it a go. It doesn’t mean you need to change the whole theme of your blog, but will just let you try something a little different every now and again.

Now, I hope that these little tops help build your blogging fires again. It definitely is a hobby which can be quite demanding and it does end up taking up a whole lot of time. (Does anyone remember what you used to do before blogging?! Yeah, I don’t). But you know, we do it cause we love it. And if you need an extra bit of love, I wrote a whole piece on why you should be proud of your blog a little while ago.

Now tell me, what do you do to get yourself out of a blogging slump?

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