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February 1, 2016

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Now, as this is 10 Happy Things number 27, which also happens to be my favourite number. I thought we would try something a little different and a bit new.

I really love not only writing about happy things in my life but also reading about happy things from all lovely bloggers. So the Happiness Link Up was born! The idea with this is that at the bottom of this blog post, there is a link-up – so if you have any blog posts either about happy things like this or just any post which is about something which has made you happy, then link it down below!

If you do decide to link up, then it would also be great if you had a browse through the other posts and share the love on things that make people happy! If this ends up being successful, then I plan on hosting this every 2 weeks or so, hopefully with some guest hosts (do drop me an email if you’re interested).

So link it up below, share the link up with your friends and if you really want to be awesome, there is a little button for you to pop at the end of the posts to help other people find our awesome link-up!

Now, onto the happy things, then be sure to use the link-up below!

1 It was Paul’s Birthday! After having a couple of weeks back at work, it was good to celebrate something. We went out for dinner to Goodman (thanks to Andreas review!) and had some pretty amazing steak. Followed by cocktails at a little speakeasy – old Tom and English. Overall, even though it was Friday and we were working, we made the most of it!

2 Bristol. Also as part of Paul’s birthday, we headed to Bristol for the weekend. I really like the town of Bristol so it’s always nice to take a visit. We ate even more food, did a bit of walking and hung out with Paul’s fam.

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3 Little British Towns. I ended up having to work a couple of days in Donnington, a little town in between London and Bristol. It was so lovely to get out of the bustling cities and stay in the countryside. The hotel I ended up staying in got some amazing views, like the photo at the top, and I managed to catch the frosty sunrise each morning. Awesome.

4 Musical Bingo. I finally got myself across London and went to Musical Bingo with the Bangarang gals and had such a good time! I kind of felt like the odd man out, as all of the girls had decided to go to a site like SwankyBingo.com that would help them to brush up on their skills before coming down. So, you could say that I was the least experienced out of the lot of them, but I didn’t mind. I tried my best anyway. Musical Bingo is a mad mix of bingo, a lot of dancing, and a lot of wine. I did play a little online beforehand and caught up with any bingo news so that I was on my A-game. I had totally forgotten the rules so playing online was like a refresher. It was really useful, so I suggest if you are going to Musical Bingo any time soon you should get your practice in on a site like Bingo Ol. It was awesome to catch up with all the blogging friends and just have a really fun night. I love Bingo because it is an inexpensive way to have fun! If you would like to know what free bingo offers are available, head to boomtownbingo.com.

5 Cooking. One of my big goals this year is all about saving. And this means I need to stop spending sooo much money on food. As a resulting, I am jumping back into the kitchen and cooking has been enjoyable so far. I’ve stocked up the cupboard and have been trying to make as much as possible. A couple of weeks ago, I made this super delish, and totally terrible for you cheesy paste, with 3 different types of cheese. Yes, 3!!!

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6 Overnight Oats. Another one similar to number 5, is the discovery of overnight oats. Oh my. The easiest breakfast, along with being really healthy and really yummy. It stops me from dropping into Pret in the mornings and is all I need. I’ve been having it with oats, soaked in coconut milk then topped with blueberries and just a tiny bit of white chocolate. Oh my.

7 Blogging. The whole redesign has really helped fuel my blogging fire! I’ve been trying to make my blogging time a bit more productive, writing a whole lot and doing some different types of posts – like my post On Accepting Yourself, and one on Youtube. It seems to be working with Jan being my highest month for stats by far!

8 The Jinx. I spoke on my what I watch, read and listen to about Making a Murderer. Well after that finished, I had been listening to SRSLY and they recommended The Jinx as another series in a similar vein, and well I’m really enjoying it! It’s almost the opposite of MaM in that the main man totally did a whole lot of bad things, but seems to be getting away with it!

9 Sunlight. It’s only gradual but I’ve really noticed the days getting just that little bit lighter in the evenings. No longer is it about 3 pm when I have to put the light on. I definitely get a bit of SAD and the thought of lighter days is making me feel happier already.

10 Grilled Cheese. I was feeling a little blue earlier in the week, so I broke out the toasted sandwich machine for the first time since I’ve moved to the UK and got making some real grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese always makes things better.

Happiness Link Up #1

So now it’s YOUR turn! Link a post below showing your happy things, or just sharing something which made you smile in the past couple of weeks. Then get reading and bring more positivity into your week!

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