JC Chats: Happiness Link Up #2 (+10 Happy Things #28)

February 15, 2016

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Now, for 10 happy things I usually write it the day before I publish, but as I’m away this weekend in Manchester, I’m writing this a few days early. The past couple of weeks have been relatively quiet, however, there is lots of happy bits going round so not a problem!

First I do want to say thank you so much to those who supported the first Happiness Link Up! I was overjoyed to see everyone linking up the post and finding some more joy in others posts. This weeks Link Up is cohosted with the lovely Carly over at Let Us Wanderlust, so do make sure you check out her post! Stick around to the end of the post to add your link to the Happy Link Up #2!

1 Starting the study! I mentioned this in my life update but I’ve started studying again and not gonna lie, study makes me really happy. I’ve got my good stationery, my nice felt pens and everything. The stuff I’m learning is quite difficult, but I feel like I’m achieving something which is ideal.

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2 Seeing the girls. I went with Erica, Milly and Katy to Strada to celebrate dry January. Strada paired up with Alcohol Concern to promote dry January and served a whole lot of non alcoholic wines and beers to make it easier for people to still dine out. We had a whole load of delish snacks too, including bruschetta and amazing calamari!

3 Pancake day!! Though I was out on Tuesday, I did manage to make some pancakes last week and they were a big success. I sometimes find pancakes a bit hard to make, but I followed this recipe to the letter from BBC Good Food and it worked so well – delicious crispy pancakes, all able to be flipped and not a burnt one in sight. We of course, went for nutella as our topping and I’m still dreaming about them. I think there will be more pancakes on our weekend brunch menus in future!

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4 How to Be Single premiere. My bestie Sam works for a company which gets the occasional film premiere tickets, so we headed out on a very wet pancake day to walk the pink carpet and see the How to Be Single premiere. The carpet experience itself was rather rushed, but it was great to see the cast before the showing and I really enjoyed the film! If you need a good chick flick, then this is definitely a good option.

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5 New laptop. I have had my laptop for quite a few years now, and the fan was slowing dying on it, meaning I would be getting very hot every time I blogged. I had some vouchers from my birthday to use so we went off to Currys to have a look. I eventually settled on the HP Pavilion which has a good bit of RAM but also 2TB of storage which is just what I need with 7 billion blog photos. Plus I always like a bit of tech which stands out so I went for this gorgeous red colour which totally fits the bill.

6 London wanderings. We went for brunch at Avenue (which I reviewed in my foodie highlights) but as the sun was actually almost shining, we took the opportunity to have a good walk through the centre of London and feel a little touristy. I don’t go into central London enough so it always perks me up when I do. Plus, all of the instagram snaps!

7 The laziest of weekends. I’ve had some really quiet weekends in Feb, which I think we all know, does not happen enough. It’s been awesome to recharge my batteries. I do prefer to have a bit of a quieter time in the winter, gives me time to recoup, but also means we can save some pennies compared to going out all the time. Now we can totally make the most of summer!

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8 Awards Ceremony. I had to go to a fancy awards ceremony for work, although we didn’t win it was still a really enjoyable night out where I got to get all dressed up and finally wear my long dress again! It was at the Dorchester and I haven’t been there before, but the food was delish and it was hosted by Claudia Winkleman so awesome all round.

9 The Gym. I haven’t been as many times as I would have hoped but I’m still really enjoying the gym and getting into my weights! I actually much prefer lifting weights than spending hours on the cardio machine and I end up being so sore the next day which hopefully means it’s actually doing something. I’ve also been much better on my step recently, hitting my 10,000 the majority of the days of the week!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

So there we have it, a whole load of happy things! Now it’s time to share yours! There are only a few basic rules:

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The next happiness link up will be on the 29th of Feb!


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