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February 21, 2016


People have been using Pinterest for blogs for years now and it’s a great way to boost your traffic. So, today I wanted to give you a rough guide to follow that might bring new people to your blog. Can I just start this post with a giant I AM STILL NOT AMAZING AT PINTEREST. I was so happy to hit 500 followers and my traffic from there is definitely increasing but I am in no way a pro at this.

However, I am trying to get into it and I want to take you on that journey. And that means starting with this post of going from, ‘um, yeah I’ve heard of it but never really used it…’ to a reasonable profile, a good amount of repins and traffic (albeit small) from the site each day. So if you are ready to start that journey then let’s get chatting.

1 Set up your Pinterest Account

So, pretty obvious first step – but you need to make sure you set yourself up a business account. This just means that underneath your pins, it shows a little box that has your blog link into it. It also gives you a lot more access in terms of analytics to see which of your pins work, which we will chat about later. Be aware that your analytics can seriously help your business thrive, so looking into data analytics services for added support to assist with various areas is a key component in building up to where you want to go.

The other benefit here is that when sponsored pins and other handy business features come available, you will be the first to know! And after reading a few reviews of the effectiveness of sponsored pins in the US, then I’m pretty keen for them to make their way over here. Remember, the general rules for social media, try and keep your usernames the same as your other accounts, and get a link up on your blog ASAP to direct people to your account.

2 Sort out your Pinterest Graphics and get a Pinterest button

Right, we’ve got the account set up, good start! Now it’s time to think about how to direct people to the blog, and the main way of doing this is creating graphics which will be effective on Pinterest. If you use Canva, which I always highly recommend, there is a specific Pinterest canvas size. When you use pinterest, as your scroll through, especially on the app, those graphics which are longer will always stand out more.

In terms of what to use in the graphic itself, well, I prefer to use text, especially as a lot of the posts I share may be about tech or lifestyle which it can be hard to get really good snaps for. However, if you do write fashion / beauty then it is just a case of making sure you have those long, pinnable images on your blog.

The next important step here, is making sure that people can pin directly from your blog. If you hover over that image at the top there, you may notice a little ‘Pin It’ button in the top left corner. This means that even if someone doesn’t have the Pinterest add in, it makes it SO much easier to save your graphics. There are a heap of good plug ins for this, at the moment I’m using the Pinterest PinIt Button plug in.


3 Get pinning or scheduling your pins

Now the most important bit is to just pin!! It takes a long time to build up your pins and your account does tend to look a bit bare, especially until you have a few hundred built up. I tend to just pin in little bursts during the day, browsing the app, along with pinning any interesting posts I read when doing my blog reading.

There is the other option of scheduling all of your pins, I’m yet to find a good free service but I have tried 2 paid for:

Tailwind: The lovely Kelly recommended this to me and it is a really powerful tool! Essentially, you turn your browser pinterest button into a tailwind button, so anything you ‘pin’ just goes into your queue, and then gets pushed out on a regular basis. This is a handy tool if you want to post in the night, which is a very popular time (evening in the US) and if you are too busy to pin regularly. One I will definitely keep using.

Buffer: Again, always a good one! As part of the $10 monthly plan, you do get access to scheduling your pins. You can do as many as you wish but is definitely more manual than Tailwind, you need to sit and pop all of your pins into the queue by copying and pasting, rather than the browser add in. Another good option though which is also a bargain!

4 Join group Pinterest boards

This is one which needs to be managed, but is a really good option for quickly growing a following. Now, the really good thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need a lot of followers to get some good traffic – as pins can travel quickly. But group boards essentially mean many people can pin on the same board, and therefore it has a bigger audience.

Finding group boards is the key now, there are a lot of blogger boards around which you can jump on, but Pin Groupie is also a really good option – it lists out all the different group boards which you can then go into and request to join. I’ve joined 5 group boards and they have definitely been useful in getting my content out there to a wider audience.

5 Figure out what works

So this is still what I’m working on! But looking at analytics is really helpful, I like to see what type of graphics have been repinned, what colours, what boards and what times – you can then take these forward and optimize what you are doing. Something I hope to improve over the following months.

In my Pinterest roaming, I’ve come across some handy Pinterest posts which if you want to keep reading about starting your Pinterest game, you should definitely check out:

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Now, tell me, do you use Pinterest? What tips do you have to add to this? Also make sure to give me a Pinterest follow below, gotta get a bit of shameless self promotion in here right?

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The Beginners Guide to using Pinterest for your blog - not sure where to start on driving traffic to your blog from Pinterest- Here is where to start! - Jasmin Charlotte

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