JC Wears: Taking Boots from Winter to Spring

February 22, 2016

Boots 8

I seem to have an odd relationship with shoes. I wouldn’t say I was a shoe person, you know those people who have 7000 pairs and are addicted to buying more? I’m more of a ‘buy when my last pair falls apart’ kind of gal. But if you told me to shop for Beautifeel shoes online, I’d probably be persuaded to do it because the shoes on there are amazing. Have you seen them? In any other circumstance though, I just wait for them to fall apart. That said, I think at 24, I’ve finally hit an age where I need to spend more than £4 on a pair and get some that will actually last me more than a season.

This is where Moda In Pelle come into play, they make, seriously gorgeous shoes. Like, makes me want to turn into a 7000 pair kinda gal. But the best bit about this campaign is the challenge – take a pair ofankle boots and style them so that they can actually take you from one season to the next, wear now and wear later if you will.

When it comes to boots, they are a staple in my life in the colder months. I mean, you can’t be wearing flats which are going to leak and give you frostbite on the top of your feet right? But, as soon as it starts to get warmer, I get a bit lost of how to wear them. I mean surely you have to wear boots with tights right?! Well, now it’s time to test that assumption!

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I picked out the gorgeous Lupia heeled boot in black. I love me some black shoes as anything with colour I get a bit confused as to how to wear them. But I love that this has the awesome feature of the studs. It makes them that little bit different but they still go with all the colours I wear. The block heel isn’t too high, so I can easily wear them all day and wander about without the fear of my feet dying of pain.

Boots 7

For my winter look, this is something I wear pretty regularly, the whole dress and thick black tights look is a staple in my life! I picked up this flowery number from Dorothy Perkins and I really like the cut. It pulls in at the waist, then the flowery detail at the bottom makes it look a little longer. In winter, I always go with layers, so a cardigan or two, then wrapping up with my big fluffy Sprayway jacket which I’m still obsessed with.

To keep the legs warm, you can’t go past these thick thermal leggings from Primark. They are about £6 a pair which is quite pricey for Primark but man do they keep you warm. I pretty much have a never ending stockpile which I rotate through daily. The only thing which will keep me toasty warm in these frosty days!

Boots 6

Boots 5

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Scarf: H&M

Coat: Sprayway

All wrapped together with a tartan scarf. Can’t beat a tartan scarf really can you?

Now for Spring, I have to say the day I shot these photos was particularly none spring like, but I actually really love the look! As I said, I normally would never wear boots with bare legs but I think these look quite good. Again, I picked up this dress from Dorothy Perkins (I had a birthday voucher so needed to get some bits right?!) and I love it! I really enjoy skater dresses, plus the print on this is gorgeous along with the trim.

Boots 1

I think this would be the ideal outfit for those bright spring days, throw on a knit jumper on the top to keep your arms warm and you have the best combination of looking ready for the sunshine but still being warm and comfortable.

Boots 4

I paired this with one of my Christmas pressies, these Pandora earrings. I don’t often mix up my earrings, usually keeping a pair of gold studs along with a pair of gold hoops in pretty much every day. But for when I’m out and about, a pair of dangly earrings are needed. You can mix these out with any of the pandora charms so they are really multi functional – a way to get more wear out of my Pandora bracelet.

Boots 2

Finally, the new handbag! I did buy this last year and it featured in some happy things posts but I’ve got so much wear out of it. It took me ages to find a handbag that I actually liked; before I found this cute little purse, I’d been looking at options of Chanel replica bags. They seemed really high quality…perhaps that will be my next purchase after my current purse has been completely worn out! It does look tiny but easily fits my purse, lip balm, keys, phone and kindle. What more do I need to lug around with me? Definitely my Cambridge Satchel of dreams.

Boots 3

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Bag: Cambridge Mini Satchel

Earrings: Pandora

Overall, I’m pretty excited to keep wearing my boots over the rest of winter and when the weather (hopefully) starts turning that little bit warmer. Now to just continue growing my classic shoe collection, I feel an addiction starting!

How do you style boots in the warmer months?

*These boots were gifted by Moda in Pelle, but as always, I only blog about the things I love!

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