JC Chats: What to Watch, Read and Listen to – February 2016

February 26, 2016

What to Watch, Read and Listen to - Jasmin Charlotte

I’m not gonna lie, I always find time really weird at the beginning of the year. Like time doesn’t happen until I actually think about it later in the year. February has seemed so long but also so short, I found it hard to remember what bits I had seen this month and what was in January. All I know is that the days are getting longer, the sun is shining a little brighter and I finally feel as though I’m starting to defrost. Onto the things I’ve enjoyed watching, reading and listening to this month! Hopefully, you’ll read this in time to catch the movies I mention while they’re still in the cinema, but if not, you can always try and find them online using a Pirate Proxy. This is handy if you’re just feeling a little anti-social too and would rather watch it in the comfort of your own home.


The Big Short

Finally trying to get back to the cinema this month, I have the meerkat movies app which lets us in 2 for 1, as movies seem to be so expensive these days?! Anyway, at first I wasn’t really interested in the Big Short, I hadn’t heard much about it but I’d seen a few reviews which weren’t too positive.

I then listened to them talk about it on the SRSLY podcast which piqued my interest – so we headed off one Wednesday to see it. The film focuses on the run up to the 2008 financial crash and about the hedge funds which realised the crash was going to happen, so bet against the housing market. I know that can sound like a whole lot of words, but the film is docudrama style and does a whole lot of explaining. I mean at one point they get Selena Gomez in to explain what a synthetic CDO is, so even if you aren’t into economics, you can definitely follow along.

When the financial crash happened, I was actually still at school and in my little NZ bubble so I honestly didn’t pay too much attention. Yeah, the world was in recession but I didn’t know how or why, Paul and I had talked about it in the past but it never really hit home. So I found this film fascinating! I don’t know if it’s just ’cause I’m in business but the way the economy was set up and what the banks were doing was just madness. I’m currently looking into the best trading app uk to use to invest my money with so I’ve been keeping a close eye on the economy recently and with it doing it’s crazy things now, I highly recommend this for a bit of info!


I’ve only watched the first few episodes of this show but it is an Icelandic drama which focuses on a murder in a small town. A giant snow storm then hits the town meaning no one can really enter or leave. It is subtitled but I haven’t had a show grip me like this in a long time and I’m really looking forward to see how it works out. Plus, I’m a little Iceland obsessed at the moment so all the sweeping scenery is just awesome and makes me want to get holidaying over there!



I’ve actually had a really packed month this month, and the thing which has gone by the wayside is reading! As I’m starting study, it’s hard to find time to read but with a bit more commuting coming up in March, I know this will pick up. So I thought I’d highlight a few blogs I have recently found and enjoyed reading this month!

Life With a View

Jeannie, along with Unlocking Kiki who I’ve mentioned before, are giving me serious wanderlust for Iceland (combined with Trapped I feel like I’m constantly feeling like visiting the snowy country!!). But I am just loving reading about life in the Arctic. The country itself looks stunning, with its snowy vistas and Jeannies snaps are super gorgeous. She moved over from America and it’s really interesting to hear about the Icelandic culture and how it compares! Fave post: 5 Photos That Prove You should Visit Iceland in the Winter


Jamies blog is my new obsession! She moved to London from the States and I love seeing what she is up to. Not only are her photos gorgeous but she is always making me lust either after a London restaurant, a need to buy some new interior bits or that I need to get travelling somewhere! Fave post: Home Hack: Best Budget Art

Blonde Across the Pond

I seem to be having a bit of an expat blog moment at the moment, as Colleen has also moved to London from the States! She is my current go to for any kind of London food inspiration. I’ve seriously added about 20 places to my ‘to eat’ list since discovering her blog and I’m sure that list will just keep growing! Fave post: The Hand & Flowers

Listen To


I’ve been trying a whole load of random podcasts this month, and have a big post coming up on ones which definitely need to be tried, but I’ve definitely been enjoying:

Real Crime Profile

Last month, I chatted about Making a Murderer which seems to have swept the world recently! When I watched the show, I really enjoyed it, however, I did think the show was quite biased to one view. I found this podcast which is hosted by some retired FBI profilers, and their first 3 shows released centre around the discussing a whole lot about the Making a Murderer case.

They break it down, talking about their behaviour and pointing out things I didn’t pick up when actually watching the show. They also come to the same conclusion that I did, in that the trial was clearly unfair and completely swayed, but in all reality, Steven Avery probably did do it. If you’re interested in the case then definitely give it a listen. I’m looking forward to hearing about any other cases they cover next!


Tinder kind of hit the scene after Paul and I got together so it’s not something I really experienced. However, I do find it fascinating to hear about! In this little podcast series, the main guy goes on 9 tinder dates and records them. He then discusses the progress with another host. It’s pretty fascinating to hear all about it and so interesting to listen to the dates! You can pretty much tell from the get go exactly whether they are going to get along or not. A fascinating little listen!

What have you enjoyed reading, listening and watching this month?

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