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March 22, 2016

My Spring Bucket List! - Jasmin Charlotte

Woah, it’s been like 4 months since my last seasonal bucket list! So I figured it was time to take stock of my Christmas Bucket List, and get setting out some new goals that I want to do this Spring. So without further ado, as a little reminder, this is what I got up to last time:

1 Go to the theatre – Win! I managed to fit a few theatre trips at the end of last year, to see Matilda and the Book of Mormon, both of which were totally awesome.

2 Go to two Christmas markets – Half win. I did make it to the Manchester Christmas markets but that was it!

3 Cook a whole Christmas meal – A whole and a half! I did a little veggie Christmas meal with some friends and then the starters on the big day.

4 Do something charitable – Half – I did manage to do some donating but I really want to improve on this!

5 Do a festive afternoon tea – Tick tick! We went to Cloud 23 in Manchester with the family and totally loved it.

6 Go ice skating – Big fat fail on this one. Maybe next year?!

Woah – that ended up getting really festive and I feel like Christmas feels like 10 YEARS AGO. And also like it was two minutes ago, and how in the world is it already the end of March?!

Photo 17-05-2015 7 00 05 pm

But after that little panic, let’s look forward and plan a few things which I want to achieve this Spring (I’m probably looking up until about June with this little list!).

1 Finish my photo albums – I really love making photo albums or little mini scrapbooks. I used to be quite good at keeping up but really need to get back on them. I just did one of our trips to Scotland but still, need to do Gran Canaria (and go back and do some for my trips in 2014!). I love having physical photos to look back upon. This must happen in the next few months. I’m also thinking of looking at some new, modern photo mounting techniques so that I can keep my favourite pictures out and on display. I would love to show off my adventures.

2 Book our Australia trip – It’s finally time at the end of the year for Paul and I to jet off to Australia! I’m so excited to show Paul Canberra, meet the new cats and spend some time lounging about in Byron Bay and Brisbane. But well, I need to book the flights!! I know it’s not gonna get any cheap but ow so expensive and so painful flying around Christmas.

3 Book / go to the Globe – I’m quite obsessed with the Globe theatre. It’s probably one of my favourite things to do in London and I’ve ranted about it on the blog a few times. I didn’t manage to get myself together last year to actually go and visit but I am determined to go this year. I need to get booking some tickets and hopefully make it to a good Shakespeare play in the next couple of months.

4 Explore some more UK destinations (especially with my NT membership!) – I’ve been a bit of a holiday lull for the past few months, after the joy that was Gran Canaria. But well, now the sun is shining a bit more, I’m determined to get around to explore some more UK destinations. We are doing the Lake District at Easter, and then Oxford in April but I want to try and see some more too! I also finally got my National Trust membership so want to start putting that to good use. I just got my little guidebook so have been highlighting all the places I want to get to!

5 Actually master some bulk cooking – As part of my whole not spending as much money on food, I really want to master some bulk cooking. I seem to cook a lot then end up just eating a lot but I want to properly portion and even start freezing some bits to make it quicker and easier to make dinners during the week!

6 Have an awesome holiday – Yesssss. The big holiday is on the horizon at the end of Spring. At the end of May we will be heading over to Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. The flights have been booked, the hotels and hire car have been found, I now just need to figure out what we are actually going to do there, and of course, go and do it!! I’m so excited for another adventure and we are going for 2 weeks so will be awesome to get a good break in there. If you do have any suggestions for these destinations then do send them my way! Essentially we are starting at the bottom and working our way up to Ljubljana.

7 Improve my cycling – A real highlight of the warm weather is the nice bike rides that Paul and I get out on. It really is such a relaxing way to spend time together and I totally love it. The only problem? I’m kind of useless at cycling. I’m pretty slow, and I’m not going to be shy here, I seem to get a really sore bum from it. Random I know, but I think there is something going on with my seat or I need to invest in some of those ugly padded cycling shorts but something needs to change. So yeah, improve my cycling and actually manage to do some longer distances is definitely something I really want to focus on in these few months!

Phew, if I get all that done in the next few months then I will be one happy bunny, especially whilst starting new projects, trying to get some study done and keeping this blog up and running. Wish me luck!!

Now tell me, what are you aiming to do this Spring?

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