JC Tech: Why Instagram Themes Don’t Work

March 12, 2016

Why Instagram themes don't work - Instagram tips to mix up your feed and grow your following - Jasmin Charlotte

So maybe I should clarify the title and say why Instagram themes don’t work for me… But still, in general, I really don’t think they work. If you remember, last year, I started getting really into Instagram and wrote a little post all about growing that audience, either authentically or with the services offered by providers like Kicksta. Since then, I’ve still focused on the same tactics, however this year I took a slightly different route.

The Instagram theme came about, a little bit by accident to be honest. Earlier in the year, I headed over to Gran Canaria for a couple of weeks. In those weeks I pretty much spent the entire time wandering about in nature with bright blue skies overhead. And so, my instagram theme, slowly but surely turned into that – bright outdoor scapes full of blues and greens. And whilst I was there, it looked pretty great…

Photo 06-03-2016, 17 27 31

So when I headed back to the UK, I figured, why not keep it up! Lots of gorgeous snaps of outside with blue and bright skies. So the theme continued, but then, well there soon became a few reasons apparent why an Instagram theme doesn’t work. I tested these out to try and give a bit of excitement to my feed and hopefully increase my following, but it now looks like I’ll be searching up how to buy instagram followers instead…

It gets boring

It really does! I know it’s a simple thing here, but after asking quite a few people what they think of themes, this was the main reason most people said. In reality, Instagram isn’t the best site for driving traffic, it is a pain in that it doesn’t allow direct links and relying on people clicking through your bio isn’t necessarily sustainable.

So, why do people follow you on instagram? Well, usually to get that sneak peek, that behind the scenes of what is going on day to day and to see things which aren’t necessarily on the blog. The instagrams I like to follow are full of varied snaps, all showing me what is going on. Keep it different and keeping it interesting. I’ve found myself less and less following themed accounts. Though these accounts still seem to have a large following. Perhaps they are using sites like Increditools (https://increditools.com/buy-instagram-followers/) to help keep their numbers up or perhaps it’s just me who is not very keen on following themed blogs anymore.

Could some themes work? Yes, I don’t think this is an exclusive statement but some accounts mix up their images but still have something unifying such as a colour, filter or edit then I do think that could count as a ‘theme’.

Photo 06-03-2016, 17 25 07

It gets hard to take snaps

This is the main problem I had – when theming your instagram, you are totally locked to images which fit your theme and in a lot of cases, these can be hard to get! I found myself using similar images from one time to get posts out regularly. And especially with lame light at the moment, it can be an absolute pain to take snaps which fit together. When I’m mixing things up, it’s much easier to find images making it easier to post.

You post less

And finally, linking closely to the last point. You end up posting less. If I’ve learnt anything from Instagram, it’s not only the time you can spend on Instagram but it’s how often you post. I find if I post 1-2 times a day on Instagram, my following will steadily increase.

That said, when themeing I was struggling for once a day! Now I’ve been able to post at least daily and I’m feeling much better about it!

And really, in that time when I was theming my instagram, I think my following only grew by about 50 people which was a big contrast to last year. So I decided to still try and keep my instagram in a semi theme, but relax the pressures a lot more. The plan is to post alternating snaps, a few blue landscapes mixed in with any kind of snaps I want to take, from food to clothes, to selfies!! Turning my instagram back into the diary it started as.

Photo 06-03-2016, 17 25 16

I think it looks really good! Have a quick squizz below, and since mixing my theme back up, I’m happy to report that the follower growth has been in a steady increase. That, along with taking part in a couple of instagram challenges (check out this one from Cardigan Jezebel, and this one from The Gram Gang) has really invigorated my love for Instagram again.

And of course, if you want to give me a cheeky follow over there, then you can follow me on Instagram here!

Now tell me, what do you think about Instagram themes?

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