JC Chats: Happiness Link Up #7 (+10 Happy Things #33)

April 28, 2016

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Luckily after last times bit of a downer post, I’m feeling a lot better this week. Thank you so much to everyone who left very kind comments or dropped me an email, I hugely appreciated it! I’m trying to do that thing where I need to stress less about things I can’t change and go with it a bit more. However, it’s never that easy though is it? What I have learnt from how I was feeling recently is that it is so important to have a good reaction to stress.

So many people turn to alcohol and drugs when they become very stressed and, whilst I understand this, it is so dangerous. Depending on alcohol and drugs to help you de-stress might sound ok for a while, but it will soon become an addiction that requires professional help. Thankfully, there are places like the Enterhealth Ranch which offer this professional help, so if you are worried you may struggle from addiction it might be worth taking a look.

For me, I like to take some time to focus on self-care, which sometimes involves meditation and similar things. A lot of my friends have been sharing some of their favourite ways to destress and relax with me. A few of them suggested trying some high voltage extracts to see if they make a difference to my mood. Perhaps that’s something I might read up on a bit more, a lot of people did seem to say it can increase your mood. And if you ask me, that’s definitely important. Those same people did say that it works in a similar way to CBD oil and I know a lot of individuals who have taken this product to help with anything from stress to chronic pain, so it must be beneficial. But anyway, just finding something that can help to increase your mood can make a huge difference to your health and mental wellbeing. That’s something I am always working on! I think with a few days off coming up I finally have a bit of time to recharge the batteries which is desperately needed.

I’m cohosting this week with the lovely Lauren from Elle Blogs, one of my favourite blogs to read all about her foodie adventures. Be sure to check out her post!

1 Oxford. We had a little trip away and it was just what I needed to help clear my head and get out of the routine. We went off to Oxford for the weekend to see some of Paul’s friends but also to have a good explore. It is a gorgeous city and I loved seeing the buildings and feeling all the history there. I’m off to Manchester and York this weekend so it will be nice to visit those as well!

2. Walking. I’ve been useless with walking in recent weeks as I’ve been feeling stressed and spent most of my time indoors. I’ve decided to make a profound effort to actually get my steps in and get walking every day at lunch and after work. And luckily it has been working and has definitely been helping my mood. I really need to make sure I keep it up even when I’ve been feeling stressed!

3 Food and wine tasting. I bought my sister a food and wine tasting for Christmas and we finally booked it in and went last week. I do love me some wine, and I’m always useless as picking out notes from wine is not my strong point! I think I had got a few correct by the end of the session though, and definitely picked up a few tips to pair with food for my next (if ever) dinner party.

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4 Engagement. Speaking of my sister, she recently got engaged to her boyfriend Callum! This actually happened about a month ago now, but I was barred of putting it on any social media or the blog until it had been announced to everyone! So we have been in mad wedding planning recently which is really exciting and I’m definitely excited for the wedding!!

5 Dresses. When you change clients in my role you obviously need to adjust your wardrobe to fit the new office. Since my new project I’ve been in a slightly more formal office so have been on a hunt for a few more things to wear. Luckily, House of Fraser sent me a gorgeous dress which I’m rather enamoured with. I always love to wear something a bit colourful to brighten the day up. Watch out for a fashion post coming your way soon!

6 Days off. The genius I am, a few weeks ago I booked a random Wednesday off as I haven’t used any annual leave ALL YEAR!! I’m dying in need of a holiday so I spent the day pottering about, not touching a computer, I went to the spa and got a massage and a facial and then met some friends for drinks and dinner. Can every day in life be like this? It was just the self love I needed!

7 Snapchat. I am finally on the snapchat wagon and totally loving it! I used snapchat a couple years ago but am loving using it in a blog sense now, not only to post a few quick snaps throughout the day but also to watch you awesome bloggers on there too! I need to get into the video aspect which I’m working on. If you want to follow me over there then I’m the same as my other social networks – username: jasxcharlotte.

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8 Getting my hair did. I finally found a wee bit of time to go and get the drastic regrowth sorted! I was really happy with how it turned out as I do love the blonde hair at the moment, if only it wasn’t so expensive! A selfie finally graced my instagram for the first time in months!

9 Peppermint Tea. I’ve been having a love affair with peppermint tea at the moment as it’s the main hot drink I like on my current project. I’ve been knocking back a couple a day and they always do a good job at perking me up in the afternoons.

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

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Pretty much every post on The Wanderblogger cause I just can’t get over all the amazing photos.

There we have it! A few more happy things for this week. Be sure to join in the link up below, I love reading your posts and seeing all the happy things you are up to. Make sure you check out Elles blog as well. If you want to cohost the link up one week then do just drop me an email – jasmincharlotteblog@gmail.com.

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