JC Travels: A Weekend in the Lake District

April 6, 2016

The lake district is a part of England which I’ve been dying to go to for aaages. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it, so Paul and I decided to make a weekend of it and head up there for 3 days over Easter with my sister, her boyfriend, my grandma and my uncle.

Now, let’s be honest here, sometimes it happens but this trip didn’t get off to the best of starts, my sister has recently injured her leg which means she is on crutches and can’t really walk far. She was worrying some after a friend told us about their knee replacement lawsuits they had experienced recently too, which had made her anxious. This, combined with the horrendous weather forecast meant we had a little damper on the weekend, but it still turned out to be an awesome weekend spent with family!

We drove up on the Thursday evening, for the longest of journies. First, me getting home from Southampton, then eventually setting off. We usually like to push it late to get over the worst of the traffic but being the Easter weekend we didn’t arrive until after 1am. The next day we headed off on the 2 hour journey further North and ended up with the joy of Google Maps wandering around little country lanes. But luckily, we avoided all the traffic and made it to Lake Windermere by lunchtime. We heard about a popular luxury hotel in the Lake District on our way up, but we already had our lodging booked, maybe next time!

Lake Windermere


After dropping my sister off at a nice bench to watch the scenery, Paul and I headed off on a little walk to see some of the views and it is definitely a gorgeous location! It did remind me of Loch Lomond with it’s greenery and sweeping hills and we got a heap of good snaps of the area. It was really lovely and calming to just sit on the rocks by the water and watch all of the boats float by.

As Friday was due to be the only day of good weather, we decided to make the most of it and get out on the lake. A little lake cruise around Windermere was only £8 for 45 minutes and gave gorgeous views of little islands dotted throughout the lake. I definitely recommend getting on the water when you visit, I think next time we plan on jumping on the boat then taking it somewhere to get a good hike in!



As we booked a little late, we stayed slightly south of the Lake District in the town of Ulverston. We stayed in the Nordic Suites which featured a one bed apartment and a 3 bed apartment, just what we needed. The Suites were really lovely – as mentioned in the name, it is an Ikea lovers dream! Plus it featured a big kitchen and a lot of space for us to relax.


The next day, before the rain set in we had a little wander around Ulverston village. The village itself is really wonderful – it’s been a long time since I was on a high street chocked full of independent shops. There were a heap of really nice gift shops full of colourful wares, it took a whole lot of will power to not get spending.

As we knew the weather was going to be average, we booked into a pub near Windermere for lunch – the Wild Boar Inn. It was just what was needed to shelter and keep warm. The pub itself has such a homely feel, full of wooden beams and big open fires to keep us warm and dry! The food was really good too – they smoke all their own meat on site and brew their own beer. We started with smoked pigs in blankets which were glorious! For mains I grabbed a steak sandwich in a soft white bap and sharp horseradish on the side – amazing.




Once we had filled up, the rain was slightly easing so we headed to see one of the local National Trust properties – Sizergh Castle. Although we couldn’t go inside, it was still very impressive to see. We dropped the family off at the gardens and had a little stroll over the hills behind – through the countryside to get a bit of nature. Even just from this walk, I’m totally keen to get back to the Lake District and do some good hikes!

Unfortunately the rain soon set back in so we headed back to the apartment to relax, watch some average TV and eat a good Indian take away! Just what I needed as I was on my little blog and social media detox.


Hoad Hill

On our final morning, before the rain arrived again – Paul, Tim and I got up ridiculously early – especially with daylight savings time and headed up Hoad Hill.

If you arrive in Ulverston then you won’t be able to miss the giant lighthouse like monument sitting on the top of the hill. The walk up isn’t too long, but very steep! We wandered between sheep fields and were blown up the hill in the strong winds. However, once we got to the top it was definitely worth it for the awesome views – sweeping 360 degree views of the surrounding area. In a clear day you can see as far South as Blackpool Tower. It was just what we needed to top off our weekend away.



So overall, slightly blighted by the weather, plus it did feel quite busy whilst we were there – I can see why though, it is a gorgeous destination and so close if you live in the North. I really want to go back, hopefully when the weather is a bit brighter and maybe during the week to avoid the crowds. I think it has all the potential of when we went to Scotland – so this is one which is still on the list to really explore!

So tell me, have you been to the Lake District? What was your favourite spot?

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