JC Chats: Happiness Link Up + 10 Happy Things #35

May 23, 2016

This is one of those (quite rare for the blog) random blog posts where I just feel like sitting and having a good chat! I’ve been working on getting things scheduled for the holiday but I wanted to a ten happy things before I headed off as the past couple of weeks has been really good. I love to reflect and try and stay grateful no matter if it is a good or a bad one! Plus, it was most definitely time for another happiness link up – so be sure to add your link of a happy post below!

I’m off to Croatia in the morning and I’m ridiculously excited, definitely ready for a change of scene, some sunshine (hopefully) and some awesome quality time with Paul. Look out on instagram and on snapchat as I’m determined to be active on both!

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1 Work coming together. I’ve been a bit stressed at work in the past couple of months but I feel like I’ve finally found my groove and it’s all coming together! I always know it will be like that when you start a new project and need to settle in and find your feet. I’m glad it happened before a couple of weeks off so I can leave feeling good!

2 Shopping. I never really shop, but finally decided to get out and about and buy a few bits and pieces. I bought some work trousers which I’ve never had before which I totally love. I still have a few vouchers left so will hopefully pick up some more summery pieces soon. I even have a fashion post coming up soon and will hopefully get some more snaps on hols!

3 Gameboy. One of my little known facts is that I’m really into playing Pokemon on gameboy. I know, it’s not the most cool of facts but ever since I was about 10, me and the girls had quite the gameboy gang, pretty much all the way in Uni. I haven’t played in years but the other day when I was feeling really tired, I decided to pull it out again. It’s actually really helped me switch off as I feel as though all I do is work, study and blog – so finally a bit of a relaxation activity. Though it definitely doesn’t help on the productivity front!!

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4 Brunch. I love a good brunch and feel like I haven’t been out for one in ageeees, but we finally had a ride down to The Dynamo and feasted on avocado, feta and poached egg. Delish!

5 Cycling. I have finally been out and about on the bike a bit more – I bought some of those squidgy shorts which makes riding infinitely more enjoyable. I really want to try and up my exercises, so determined to get out on it a bit more!

6 London Treasure Hunt. Last week we did one of those treasure hunts round London with texts – it was so much fun and I have a whole post on it coming up whilst I’m away. A really good way to see more of the city and really affordable!

7 Whose Line. I went to see Whose Line is it Anyway Live last year, as it is one of my all time favourite shows. I saw they were coming back this year and just could not resist buying tickets!! So me and the sis are off to see them again in June and I’m already excited. Will give me something to look forward to in the inevitable post holiday blues!

8 Snapchat. I know I mentioned this recently but I’m still really enjoying snapchat! Not only watching everyones awesome snaps and getting an insight but I’ve finally managed to do a few of me actually talking to the camera which is always terrifying. If you do use it, you can follow me – jasxcharlotte.

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9 Bangarang. I find it hard to get to any London bits at the moment but I tweaked my flights and managed to get in to see all of the Bangarang girls on Friday and it was awesome! They are honestly such fabulous ladies and it was such a highlight to see them!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

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There we have it, I hope you guys all have an awesome couple of weeks and I can’t wait to catch up on all the blog reading when I get back!

Tell me, what’s made you happy in the last couple of weeks?
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