JC Chats: An Exciting Night Out at ClueQuest!

May 19, 2016

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I feel as though if I wasn’t a consultant, then some kind of crime detective would be my calling. You know, ala Cormoron Strike, Robert Galbraith style. Unfortunately, I don’t see a career swap in my near future, so in the mean time I’ll have to get the most out of escape games to get my clue solving fix! Escape Rooms are great for parties, or even just for having fun, if you want an example of this you might want to check out somewhere like https://lockdownrooms.com/phoenix-scottsdale/ to learn more about different escape rooms.

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Natasha at Nuffnang invited me along with Milly, Milli, Claire and Erica, all total babes to come and try out the new escape room over at ClueQuest in North London – the #1 fun and games activity in London on TripAdvisor (and the top Escape Room)! And, of course, I was so excited from the moment I opened the email! Escape rooms are something I’ve yapped on about before, and I was keen to try some others and see what they are like. I was told about a great Escape Room Orange County but I think it’s a bit far for me to travel! Check it out if you’re in the area though! Plus, this is the opportunity to try it with a new bunch of people and see how the dynamics would change!


So on a very balmy Friday evening (good job with the weather London, good job), I headed up to Kings Cross. We were booked in for 9pm (handy time for those of us working out of the city) so that gave us a good amount of time to ensure we were fueled up before hand. After a delish trip to Pizza Union (soon to be featured in an upcoming foodie post, so I won’t go into the delicious, cheesy details now) and a dash for ice cream (see the hot weather), we headed up to the rooms.

So let’s start from the top, if you haven’t heard of an escape room, essentially it is a room where a team of between 3 and 5 are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to figure out how to get out! It’s in no way a physical challenge but involves using logic and investigation to deduce how to escape the room. Throughout the game, there is someone spying on you who will throw you a handy hint every now and again, but trust me, not everyone wins and gets out on time!

ClueQuest itself is centred around the story of Professor BlackSheep, an evil sheep who is trying to take over the world and turn everyone into sheep alongside his snail companion, Mr Q (the mouse) is the secret agent who you are joining teams with. They have 3 escape rooms all totally unique, with the latest – ‘Revenge of the Sheep’ recently opening. This is the hardest of the three rooms and I was ready for the challenge!

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Once we rocked up, we had a quick briefing, took some silly photos with a mouse head and then were ready to head in. I was in charge of the walkie talkie, and then what happened?! Well I’m not going to give it away (you gotta go and try it for yourself) but within the room we tinkered, unlocked, pushed, pulled, and ran about. And well, we got out with 5 SECONDS TO GO. I’m not even joking you, the seconds were ticking down and I was convinced we were never to save the world from the evil professor and were to be left in the room forever. But no, with 5 seconds to spare, we figured it out and the Professor was defeated!

It is an awesome thing to do with friends, family or work colleagues – anyone you want to see how they deal with things under pressure!! As the other ones I’ve always been to with my family, I was keen to try with some friends. Mainly because I probably couldn’t get as worked up and end up bossing everyone about as much as I try to do with the fam. And it was totally awesome! You really get to see each others strengths and see how each person approaches a problem differently. You definitely can’t get out of this alone – you need all the team work you can get! Plus now I’m a secret agent, Agent Brain to be precise.

I’m really excited now to head back to ClueQuest and give some of the other rooms a go – I know my sister and Paul will totally love it. And I’m totally ready for the challenge of taking on the Professor again! After the adventure, we took some snaps and I got a handy magnet – plus we all signed the winners book!!

Now, here is the best bit – the guys over there have given me a ClueQuest game to giveaway to one of you! And you totally need to enter as you need a bit of escaping in your life. Simply follow the rafflecopter below and enter. It will run until the 31st of May and is open to UK residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tell me, have you tried an escape room before? Does it sound right up your street?

*This post is indeed sponsored, but all opinions are totally my own, we know how much I love me some escape rooms!

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