JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #34

May 12, 2016

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Well, I have to say I’m feeling waaay better than the last couple of weeks. Almost back to my old self! Luckily work is sorting itself out, the sun has finally started shining and we are off on hols in a couple of weeks. All very exciting things! I seriously cannot wait for the holiday – bring on 2 weeks off exploring Croatia and Slovenia. I’m taking a little break off the happiness link up this time around, but trust me it will be back in a couple of weeks! So bring it, here are the happy bits from the past couple of weeks.

1 The sunshine!! It has been like proper summer. Like actual, warm days and I have loved it. We have hit my perfect temperature range, like early twenties with just that bit of a breeze. I have cast the coat off, donned some shorts or some jazzy trousers and dug out the bottles of sunscreen. I’ve spent a lot of time either lying on grass or sitting in a pub garden and that’s exactly what life should be about.

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2 Days out and about. On the weekend we headed out to Box Hill, an area I haven’t explored yet. After hiking up the hill, we settled in the shade for a sunshine filled picnic. We then continued on and did the stepping stone walk back down the hill. I really loved this area, the views over the surrounding area were lovely, and the tracks were well defined. We are totally planning on heading back and doing a longer walk.

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3 The seaside. I have still been staying down by the South Coast, but actually I never really get anywhere near the coast! After work, I’m usually busy doing bits and pieces and head to the hotel but I decided it was time for a change! So I did a bit of googling and headed into Portsmouth. I’ve not been there before but I parked up by the beach, went for a lovely walk along the waves, ate some ice cream and really brightened my mood. I know I’ll be visiting here again!

4 HydrateM8 water bottle. This is a bit of a random one, but I recently bought a new water bottle. I’m quite useless at drinking and staying hydrated, especially in the summer when I don’t want to be drinking as much hot tea. The bottle itself has timings marked on it, so to indicate by each time how much water I should have drank. It is such a great idea as it highlights when I’m dehydrated but not know it! You fill it up half way through the day and its totally helped with my water intake.

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5 Photography course. Paul bought me a photography course for my birthday last year and I finally got around to booking it, and man, it was awesome! I can now actually take a photo on manual on my DSLR and the pics look awesome. Get ready for some real pro photography coming to the blog soon!

6 The Kitty Cat. I mentioned awhile ago I went up to Manchester to find a little kitty for my Grandma and Uncle. We picked her a few weeks ago but she didn’t get to come home until recently so I took a trip up and dropped in to visit. She is called Milly and is the cutest thing ever! She is such a friendly and cuddly cat, all she wants is to play or sit on your knee and be loved.

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7 Work life balance. As mentioned above, I’m trying much harder on getting my work life balance sorted and spending more time relaxing and doing the things I enjoy. This obviously works both ways as then I’m more recharged and ready for work. So I’ve been walking much more, spending more time blogging and just sorting myself out.

8 Mini twixes. Another random one, but I’ve found in my current project office, in the afternoon I’ll always go down and be craving some sugar. So I end up buying something too big and not very good for me! So I’ve gone back to my old trick of buying lots of mini treats then stashing them in my handbag – I often only want a quick bite of something sweet so this is perfect to actually be satisfied!

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ClueQuest. I met up with the blogging gals to hit up ClueQuest on Friday along with a delish fill at Pizza Union. I had such an awesome evening – keep your eyes peeled for the full post coming next week.

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I’m just trying to plan now what I should do with the blog over my hols, do I try and schedule or blog as I go?! Current conundrums. I usually schedule but with my workload at the moment, just not sure it will happen. Tell me what you guys do when you go on hols.

What has made you happy in the past few weeks?

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