JC Tech: Easy SEO Tips for the Busy Blogger

May 15, 2016

Want to focus on SEO but dont know where to start- Here are some easy tips for busy bloggers

I wrote a whoooole heap of posts on SEO last year (you can check out the series here). And recently I asked you guys what kind of bloggy / techy posts you would like to see, and the awesome blogging kiwis of Rebecca and Emma requested a post on some quick and easy SEO tips you can do to each blog posts which don’t require too much thought or time. SEO is an incredibly popular thing in the world now, it helps get people out there in the world. It’s not just for blogging though either, it works for a load of different businesses as well. When it comes to learning about SEO, there is a lot to know, especially as a beginner. But at least understanding the basics is better than not knowing anything at all. Whether this means checking out sites like The Daily Sem or watch YouTube videos online about SEO, this information will hopefully be useful when it comes to blogging or marketing a business.

Like did you realize that you could get marijuana seo if you wanted? Obviously, running a business is a bit different to writing a blog, but it’s interesting right? Anyway, back to SEO for blogging. Well, your wish is here! And seriously, if anyone else has any blog suggestions throw them in the comments, tweet me, or drop me an email. My sister works for a law firm marketing company and taught me strategies that can help 10x the size of your business! So I decided I HAD to try them!!

So if you are like most of us and super busy and to be honest, cbf in terms of sitting and adding a meta description, configuring your HTML and searching for google key terms then this post is for you. Here are the 4 things you can do in each post which don’t require much time or effort but will give you that golden SEO juice which will help filter searches to your blog more and more. Just a small pointer before you carry on, although these tips are good for certain blog posts, you want to market your blog well as a whole. Whether this means trying to market yourself, or work with an external SEO company like CommsLab, that’s up to you. However, you’ll probably find you’ll get the best results by working with another company. Just saying!

1 Make your writing SEO friendly

This bit should be easy as most people are doing it anyway. But it just means making your post look not too spammy. So, make sure you break up your posts – no giant paragraphs. Use a spell check to make sure it’s not full of errors. Think about breaking posts into lists or bullet points to make it easier to scan. Essentially, the easier you make your posts to read – the better. SEO takes into account the quality of your website along with how long a reader spends on it.

Try and make your posts longer than you think – don’t post things with only a couple of hundred words. Throw in a couple of links within each post, even if it’s just backlinks to your own posts. These kinds of things will soon become innate and as you write you won’t even think about it but that SEO juice will be happy!

2 Use some type of keyword frequently

Yeah okay, it can be a right pain to find an optimum key word then make sure it’s in 5000 different places and not look totally forced. Just try and keep some kind of key word flowing throughout. For example, this one is SEO. My travel posts are usually the location I’m talking about. This will help categorise your post a little more, just make sure instead of referring to ‘it’ or ‘there’ you just pop the name in each time. Much easier.

computer 1

3 Do your alt tags

This is one of the only ones which is kind of a pain but totally worth doing. Alt tags are what google scans as it can’t see your actual photo when it looks at your webpage. You can set your alt tag just by clicking on the photo and adding some text. You can add the same alt text to all of your photos, literally just type out whatever it is, then copy and paste it throughout all the images on the post.

Not only does this help your SEO but it is awesome for Pinterest as well, there are too many times where I think I will pin someones photo but as there isn’t a description, I can’t really be bothered writing one and give up. The alt tag is what appears underneath your pin when someone adds it. I actually usually when making my Canva image like the one at the top of this post, name it the pinterest description then it pops right in.

4 Get your own domain and a good quality template

Another one which takes a bit of outlay but then is super useful. Number one, get your own domain name! Get rid of the .blogspot or .wordpress and get a .com or .co.uk ASAP. You will only build up SEO against your site if you have your own domain. Otherwise when you change over you will loose it all (same goes for domain authority too).

Next, I know it’s tempting to do your blog design yourself but if you do buy a good quality design from someone else, they usually have a lot of the SEO optimisation built in. For example, any wordpress templates which are built on Genesis, genesis itself has a heap of good things. Meaning you get SEO juice with practically no effort at all. Just what the busy (or cough, lazy like me) blogger needs in their life!

So there we have it, one post you need to read to help you build up all that lovely SEO. This should then help Google drive more people to your site as it will appear higher in the search ranking. Tell me friends, do you have any quick and easy SEO tips we should be following?

PS if you are one WordPress then Yoast is a super handy SEO plug in to use which makes all of this much easier too!

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