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May 8, 2016

How to use Reddit to Improve your Blog Traffic - Handy blogging tips - Jasmin Charlotte

I mentioned in my last post about StumbleUpon that I promised you a Reddit post and it’s time to deliver! Reddit I feel is one of those things that a lot of people don’t really understand, but then once you get into it, you will likely never be released.

Reddit is essentially a giant forum, you can submit links, pictures or text posts and people can upvote them or downvote them depending on how good the submission is and how many people who see it. When your post or comment gets upvoted then you get this thing called ‘karma’ which in reality is just a number which doesn’t mean anything but makes you excited when it goes up. It is split into subreddits which are on certain topics, from normal things like, food, cats, make up etc. to totally random things like a r/babyhippogifs or r/rubberducks. Some weird stuff too, don’t go digging too deep.


I actually started a blog because of Reddit, you will get addicted and it will suck away all of your time. I finally decided that it was time to try and make my time wasting away on the internet into something a bit more productive – enter Jasmin Charlotte. Anyway, Reddit can also be a really handy place to share your blog. It has huuuuuge numbers of readers and if it gets picked up, it can make it to the front page and they very often down websites when they get too popular! That said, it’s also a tricky place to share content, so here are the 5 steps you got to take.

1. Be a Redditor first.
If you never use Reddit, then I highly recommend getting used to the website first, comment on a few posts, build up a bit of Karma and look like a legit account. Reddit don’t like people who just come on to blog or link spam and if your account only looks like you share your own posts then it will look a liiiitle sneaky. Only do this when you have a few hours spare to get sucked into a reddit hole. Also, make sure you download the Reddit Enhancement Suite to chrome as otherwise it can be a right pain to navigate.

2. Pick your posts selectively
Point 2, you need to be picky with your posts. You don’t want to be putting any old thing on there, it needs to be helpful, which is shareable. My posts that have done well on there are usually my podcast round-ups as not many people write about podcasts and my food posts. If you have a food blog with interactive content, that is, with food quizzes and videos, then Reddit is a good place, they love pictures of food.

3. Select your subreddit and rules
Next is to find somewhere to share this link and this can be where it is tricky. For example, my post on Gran Canaria I wanted to put on there. But what subreddit? r/Canaries? r/Spain? R/Europe? r/Travel? r/adventuretravel? r/womenwhotravel?

There are seriously endless options. I will usually first of all search the subreddits and try and find one of a decent size. If the subreddit is too big (think r/pics) then it’s likely your post will just disappear in all of the content, but if it is too small then no one will ever look and see your post so no one will upvote it. The posts only appear to those who are subscribed to the subreddit, keep that in mind.

Next, read up on the rules. I know a lot of beauty bloggers will flock to r/makeupaddiction but then check out the sidebar on the right there and it will tell you the rules which apply to this subreddit. And in this case, no blog spam. As in, do not post your blog posts. This isn’t too frequent but is on some subreddits so make sure you have a look. Don’t spam one subreddit with heaps of posts in a short space of time. There may be other rules too about how to title the post or what days you can post links. Don’t break the rules or not much will happen. Check out the shot below, the rules for r/food are listed on the right.

Reddit rules

4. Get titling and think of timing
Is titling even a word? Let’s go with it. Following on from my last point, in most cases the people on Reddit will only see your title so make sure it’s something good. You can go into subreddits and filter by ‘Top’ at the top and it will show you all the posts which have done well in that subreddit to help give you some ideas.

Now, think of timing – America is Reddits main user base so they are behind us in the UK, so it’s worth posting at odd times. If you go into a subreddit then it will show you the number of users looking at the subreddit right now – you can keep an eye on this and see when the most people are around, more people around mean more people to upvote which means it will be viewed in a wider net.

Also make sure you leave it awhile, if you don’t get any upvotes in an hour, it doesn’t matter – it usually takes about a day to get an idea of how well a post has done (and I usually delete my links if one fails, makes me look less spammy).

5. Be prepared for anything
I can’t write this without a word of warning. You know our lovely blog reader world, well in general everyone is a right babe. And I very very rarely get mean comments on my blog. Well, you’re not putting it out to a much wider audience, a lot of whom may not be the nicest of people. You may get crap comments on your reddit post, just ignore them and move on – there is a horrible comment on essentially every reddit thread you ever look at!

So there we have it, follow those 5 steps and you should be alright in venturing into the world of Reddit which can be a confusing place! I’ve had a few posts this year do well on there, I don’t share too often on it as it’s not like twitter, you really have to do some research first before you share that link and put it out there!

If you need a little boost with Reddit, it might be helpful to buy reddit upvotes. My friend did it and he told me it really helped him get some traction on some of his posts, neting more conversions for his business.

Now, I need something from you at the end of this blog – I want your thoughts! If you have any tech or blogging related posts which you would like to read then please let me know and drop me a comment below – I’d hugely appreciate it.

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